07 March 2012

Meister: Il Giardino del Piacere

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Date CD: Feb 21, 2011 | WDR | 56:08
This is the last recording by Musica Antiqua Köln and represents a repertoire discovery at the same time:
“All attentive listeners with a sense of music history will prick up their ears at this recording, for Johann Friedrich Meister is a real genius.” Reinhard Goebel.
Johann Friedrich Meister (1638–97) seems by all accounts to have been something of a rebel, getting himself imprisoned the year after his appointment as music director of the Hofkapelle of Duke Ferdinand Albrecht I of Brunswick-Lüneburg. He escaped and fled with the help of friends, and eventually ended his days with a lengthy tenure as organist at St. Marien, in Flensburg. Musically, he appears to have owed more to the earlier likes of Scheidt, Schein, and Schütz than to his immediate North German compatriots; the rapt expressiveness of his slow movements (the Adagio that opens the Sonata No. 4, the Arioso of the Sonata No. 5, the Adagio at the start of the Sonata No. 6, the Grave that begins the Sonata No. 10, to name but four outstanding examples) brings to mind the popularity of such diverse Italian composers such as Marenzio, Uccellini, Farina, and Corelli with both German musicians and publishers. Other influences would appear to be French, as in the passacaglia that is closer to the minor-key French passacaille in all respects than to the major-key Italian version.
FANFARE: Barry Brenesal
Sonata no 2 in D minor
Sonata no 4 in E minor
Sonata no 5 in C major
Sonata no 6 in A minor
Sonata no 10 in C minor
Sonata no 11 in D major
Musica Antiqua Koln
conducted by Reinhard Goebel


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