09 October 2010

Where kasatkal takes over

Well, sooner or later it had to happen: Irma is not talkin' to me anymore. Can't say I'm sorry. She is. You remember the PM I got from kasatkal? The one with "live peacefully" & "be reasonable please!" inside? I waited another day, my account was locked as always so I sent him a new PM in the rutracker forum givin' him time until midnight for fixing my account. Believe it or not when I checked my account at rutracker the morning after it was gone. And gone is my will to try to be talkative with this kind of scumbags. It's very funny because all I really wanted to do was to publish my posts in peace and that would be a benefit for me as for Avax. But I already proved that they don't give a shit about the community's welfare. So why should I?


06 October 2010

The continuing story of Irma the liar

Well, at a certain moment I had found out that Irma Grese mirrored another nick, Caterina Sforza: you have to be registered at to see the profile but here it is. Isn't she lovely? So I sent her a PM which read as follows: Hello, miss. I'm sure you know I had an unfortunate misadventure with Avax's moderators today. I believe I made nothing wrong: I was polite to you... we both know that my former account at Avax was cancelled because you lied, nevertheless I never insulted you. Now you did it again, and we both know that my last account was created AFTER we had the old one cancelled. So there's no multiple account to talk about. Now this is the deal: you talk to Pasha, kasatkal, raf or whoever you want, you explain you were wrong and bring my account back to life. Then I go my way and you go yours... happy as ever. This was option number 1... option number 2 was not so nice: I promised I would report all of her uploads to the filehosters under the DMCA. This usually ends up with files removal within a few hours from the denounce. Am I a bastards? No! I am the king of the bastards but, you know? I'm sick and tired of just sitting there waiting for the bully of the day to simply forget about me and slip out of my horizon. And anyway I gave Irma an alternative: this is a lot more than what I had from her. Then: Think about it, you have time... See you on Monday, darling. It was september 29. She answered about 4 hours later: My friend, forgive me if I'll somehow hurt! You're all misunderstood. I never asked anyone to ban you. Then I just forgot to write: No mirrors, please! One of the moderators on Avax is my friend and I asked him to remove your links. I did not even have a clue that you because of such trifles may be banned. My friend? gosh, I'm excited already! Forgive? We can talk about that... but my account? Misunderstood? OK, it happens, but why didn't you PM me about the links? And if you didn't had a clue now you have it. Still... my account? So Sunday evening came, october the 3rd I came back home and my account was still locked so I wrote Irma: AVAX account is still locked. ... time for negotiation's over. I'm collecting your links and tomorrow I'll contact kasatkal & your hosters. Bye for now. Then I PMed kasatkal (moderator at Avax & user at rutracker) forwarding him the mail I sent to Irma and then: Still my account (Cheshire___Cat) is still locked. So I believe there was no communication from Irma to Avax. I'm pretty sure we are in time to settle all this in a friendly way. 6 hours later I got a message from Irma:What the fuck,man?! You think I am a little girl, but you are deeply mistaken! I am a man and I'm almost 35 years. If you lived in Russia, I would have you figured out how a man with men. I usually hit my first, and then think. How startling! First, the milk and honey has gone, wow! the lady unsheathes her claws... but then... man??? 35 y.o.??? and maybe with body hairs sprouting from his ears??? BLEAH!!! And using google translator too! The only thing with which I agree is that thinking is the last of her/his priorities. After 30 minutes s/he wrote: Last time I repeat that had no idea about your problem with the moderators. I have no one asked you to ban. I do not need it. I thought she will remove your links and all. Let's end our quarrel, okay? OK this dick! I would say in my country: I want my account back! And finally, yesterday morning, I got an answer from kasatkal (I had to use Google translator because my russian is quite rusted): Hello! Unfortunately, to restore you, I can not contact the site administrator -= Pasha13 =-! and please do not complain about the servers and for DMCA!!! if you do not want to after your recovery, someone else would complain on your own! (Can you please tell me how? you deleted my blog!) and prekrastite (stop?) this senseless war, to reconcile and live peacefully without interfering with each other! be reasonable please!

(Imagine aaaaaall the peopleeeee...)
My answers: yesterday: I have patience, no problem, and I'm very reasonable. I just remember how patient and reasonable you were as a moderator in Avax and I learn from you. May I suggest you try to find r@f if Pasha is unavailable? And please remember that this "war" as you called it may be senseless for you, but not for me. Irma learned that the hard way. & today: I'm afraid that the more time passes by, the higher my price will be. Now I want this blogs to be undeleted (I hope you have a backup somewhere): clasic, agenew, aviateur, vongola2, archinul, sacred, wmertensw, 56head. Do you think that this list could help you to unlock my account a little more quickly?
(followed a list of Pasha & kasatkal uploads).
This is the end of part 2, I hoped this funny story to be composed of 2 acts only but I'm afraid there will be an Act 3, because my account still look this way:


05 October 2010

Not Found

Maybe you're trying to find the reason why I am so angry with Avax moderators if all this mess happened because of Irma... the reason is quite simple, and it has nothing to do with her. I had some problems with moderators before but those problems are private. I mean I wouldn't dream to build up a case (and a blog) just because Pashit made me change my post 9 times because of commas in the wrong place: that's just funny and good jokes material but that's all. It's just between me and him. What really annoy me is the "Disappearing posts affair".

Take a look here: and now (drumrolls!) here: Google Webcache (Today is working)
Google cache will not stay there forever but this vietnamese blog post a snapshot of some Avax pages and here it is: (BTW this is the post that made Irma Grese contact me again.) In plain words every single Avax user is paying for my sins. Better: every single Avax user is paying for what Pashit and the other shitheads believe to be my sins! And this is not happening to my posts only. In other words I'm not fighting a war against censorship or whatever, I'm not that noble; I'm just defending my right to be held responsible for what I do but nothing more. The size of the matter is very different but it seems to me that the moderators act as the nazis acted against civil populations when they fighted the insurgents. Blind retaliation... very bad thing. Later I will post some music here, I'll try to locate all the posts that were erased from Avax. And part 2 of Irma Grese saga, as promised. P.S. BTW I am Cheshire Cat... Toutatis is just a friend of mine that gave me this blogger space. We were supposed to do this together but she gave up: she thinks it's useless to fight stupidity. I guess you'll never met her in Avax anymore.


04 October 2010

Irma Grese

Some news, just to establish a background. Irma Grese (the real Irma Grese was a nazi war criminal) surely is not a very elegant person, but this is not a crime. This nick appears with its own blog in Avax, posting some nice classical music and some horrible stuff Irma is trying to present as proper music. But this is not a crime too. This same person appears with the nick Caterina Sforza in this torrent forum where it's an active member in the subforum about classical music. From now on I'll assume she's a female. She contacted me some months ago when she asked me to re-rip some music I posted on Avax using a different setting. I asked her to explain me how to do it and she answered with a simple link to some tech I didn't fully understand... I reripped the CD but she was not satisfied with it so I refused to do the job again without clear directions and let her alone. Some days later I attached a mirror to one of her posts. There's a rule at Avax:you cannot post a mirror if the author of the post explicitly asks not to do it. Irma Grese's post was like this: (Ah-haaa! I told you there are sites around here mirroring exactly every Avax page just a few minutes after it's published! Even the links are the same.) This is how Irma Grese's post appeared the day after: See? She added the words "No mirrors, please!" at the bottom. Then she could have said to me: "Hey, I just forgot to write that, can you please remove your mirror?" I would have said: "OK!" No problem, no fight. What happened instead is she wrote to a moderator denouncing me for illegal mirroring, my account was locked forever. I made another account with a nick almost identical to the first one, then wrote a PM to Irma telling her exactly what I wrote a few lines above. She didn't answer, and I moved along. Bye-bye bitch. Last week, believe it or not, she did that again! I posted some music, she PMed me asking to re-rip the CD with EAC and I wrote a PM telling her how bad her memory was and to get lost. Simple like that, no insulting and no fighting. After 10 minutes my second account was locked because "multiple accounts are forbidden"!!! The facts until now? 1) Irma Grese / Caterina Sforza is a lying bastard. 2) I explained the situation to Avax moderators showing them independent proofs but I got banned. So... 3) One of Avax moderators is a lying bastard. But I'd say there are two of them at the very least. 4) Maybe it's just one moderator, maybe they're two... but how much they can possibly be desperate to go after a 87 years old nazi slut?

Coming soon part 2, where after a dramatic exchange of views between me and Irma we'll find out the bitch's true identity.


30 September 2010

This is what happens when you mess up with moderators. OK, it's part of the game and I will not try to discuss here if the account was locked for a good reason or not. (Well, THREE good or non-existant reasons). But what happens today is that when your account is blocked all of your posts & comments disappears from Avax. So my question is: is this fair for Avax users? If I and one of the bastards (-=Pasha13=-, kasatkal or R@F) have a fight about something why Avax users have to pay the price? This question led me to some consideration: Avax users are not important to moderators, the most important thing to them is their childish ego's satisfaction. (And perhaps a big tube of anti-acne cream) So I asked myself if Avax users are important to me. The answer is yes. And no. Because actually some of Avax users are a real pain in the ass, if I can express myself this way. I can. This may seems a little confused but I'm travelling right at this moment, and I have not much time to dedicate to such scumbags now. But there are some important points to make: 1) material deleted from Avax (i.e. Sibelius' complete symphonies and poems... isn't it R@f?) is not gone forever. Next week I'll tell you where you'll find a lot of stuff that's gone from Avax. 2) I can touch the bastards where it hurts by simply deleting their stuff from Avax. If they do it I can do that too. What do I have to lose? If... If they don't unlock my account. The one which was locked because of an Avax user's blatant lie. But this is another story and will have to wait until next week. When we will talk about Irma Grese


28 September 2010

Caught in the wild...

According to an old theory -=Pasha13=- and kasatkal are just the same sorry beast. But there's a new evidence that shows how they actually are separated entities (though by the look in their eyes they will not be "separated" for too long).
But... which one is Pashit?


27 September 2010

It's a sad life...

One can only imagine what kind of mean life the poor simulacrum of a moderator known as -=Pasha13=- is leading nowadays. And this require that kind of imagination that doesn't strain the mind: it's all too easy. Without a true friends and knowing very well that half the Avax community is laughing behind its back while the other half openly do it in its front the poor bastard dribble around with its red pencil and fight against all odds for survival. The new is that somehow it managed to reproduce itself: kasatkal (aka kazzakal) and R@F recently spawned from its... (nooo, this I can't imagine). But how was it possible? Meiosis? Parthenogenesis? Budding? Spores? Alas! we'll try to find an answer, and in truth that answer will lead us to a way to free Avaxhome from those bugs.