25 March 2012

Antonio Vivaldi: Pellegrina's Delight

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Date CD: 23 June 2003 | Signum | 75:13
The oboe was the dominant woodwind instrument of the early eighteenth century. Its role ranged from providing reinforcement for the violins in orchestral music to elaborate solo display. Vivaldi treated it especially generously in his music, writing at least 16 concertos for solo oboe. However, the oboe featured almost as prominently in his chamber music for one to five instruments with continuo. This recording offers an overview of Vivaldi’s use of the solo oboe in his chamber music. Because the chronological span of the seven works is fairly wide, the recording serves in addition to illustrate his stylistic development between c.1705 and c.1720.
Sonata in C minor, RV 53
Sonata in C major, RV 779
Sonata in G minor, RV 28
Trio-sonata in E minor, Op.1 no.2, RV 67
Concerto in G minor, RV 106
Sonata in Bb, RV 34
Sonata a 4 in C major, RV 801
Gail Hennessey, Oboe
Nicholas Parle, Organ & Harpsichord
Rodolfo Richter, Violin
Sally Holman, Bassoon
Katherine Sharman, cello
Pater McCarthy, Violine

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