12 March 2012

Fritz Busch: Mozart & Schubert - Winterthur 1949

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Date CD: 26.03.2010 | Guild | 70:08
We continue our exploration of the recorded legacy of the great Fritz Busch with these Swiss recordings made in the final years of his too-brief life. The performance of Schubert's Fifth Symphony has never been surpassed on disc by any other conductor, and this is its first appearance on CD in the best of modern sound. The Mozart 'Haffner' Serenade is also magnificently performed, with the leader of the Winterthur Orchestra, Peter Rybar, proving himself to be one of the finest concert-masters of the 20th-century. These are magnificent performances and we are proud to bring them before the public in CD format.
Mozart - Haffner Serenade
Schubert - Symphony n°5 in B flat D.485
Peter Rybar (violin)
Sinfonie-Orchester Winterthur
Fritz Busch (conductor)

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Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for making Fritz Busch recordings available - they're not easy to find!