17 March 2012

Sally Whitwell: Mad Rush: Solo Piano Music of Philip Glass

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2011 | 61:48 | ABC
Philip Glass is that rarest of contemporary 'classical' composers - a musician who has revolutionized the way art music is composed and found a massive audience in doing so. As much a pop and cult phenomenon as he is a descendant of Beethoven, Glass' music has been used in classic films like Koyanisqaatsi and...but it's in his music for solo piano that the essence of his art is revealed. In this groundbreaking album from Sydney pianist Sally Whitwell - the first of its kind ever to be recorded in this country - all of Glass' finest solo piano music is represented. In an additional Australian angle, the Stuart piano is used, its crystalline tones ideally suited to Glass' hypnotically beautiful music.
1. Opening, for chamber ensemble or piano
2. Metamorphosis, for piano
3. Mad Rush, for piano (or organ)
4. The Hours: Dead Things
5. Wichita Vortex Sutra, for piano

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Anonymous said...

Sally Whitwell: Mad Rush: Solo Piano Music of Philip Glass was tested with auCDtect Task Manager ( and the conclusion was 100 % MPEG. Which means
someone along the way decoded the mp3 version into wave, then re-encoded it into flac.

No, I am not accusing you, just wanted to let you know you were listening to a lossy mp3, not full quality flac.