18 March 2012

Beethoven: Complete String Quartets

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7 CDs | (November 29, 2011) | Virgin
The Artemis Quartet
The first of the Artemis Quartet’s Virgin Classics CDs of Beethoven Quartets was released in Autumn 2005. Now, nearly six years later, the complete Beethoven cycle becomes available in a box of 7 CDs (TBC) which includes two previously unreleased items: the quartet No 10, op 74, known as the ‘Harp’, and a transcription for string quartet, proudly made by Beethoven himself, of the Piano Sonata No 9, op 14.
The Artemis’s debut release on Virgin Classics in 2005 comprised Beethoven’s op 59/1 and op 95, while the second release brought together op 59/2, the ‘Razumovsky’ Quartet, and the Quartet op 18/4. In France, the release was named CHOC of the Year by Le Monde de la Musique and was also awarded a Diapason d’Or; in Germany it became Chamber Music Recording of the Year in the ECHO Klassik awards of the Deutsche Phono-Akademie. In the UK, the Sunday Times praised the “fresh, positive responses” of the Artemis Quartet, saying: “ … their colours are vivid and they are alert to the music’s intent to push all sorts of boundaries to breaking point,” while BBC Radio 3’s CD Review suggested that the recording should go to the top of any list of recommendations
Disc 1:
String Quartet Op.18 No.1 in F major
String Quartet Op.18 No.4 in C minor
String Quartet Op.18 No.6 in B flat major
Disc 2:
String Quartet Op.18 No.2 in G major
String Quartet Op.18 No.3 in D Major
String Quartet Op.18 No.5 in A Major
Disc 3:
String Quartet Op. 59 No. 1 in F 'Razumovsky'
String Quartet Op. 59 No. 2 in E minor 'Razumovsky'
Disc 4:
String Quartet' Op. 59 No. 3 in C 'Razumovsky
String Quartet Op.74
String Quartet Op.95 No. 11 in F minor
Disc 5:
String Quartet Op.127 No.12 in E flat major
String Quartet Op. 131 No. 14 in C sharp minor
Disc 6:
String Quartet Op.130/133 in B flat major
String Quartet Op.14
Disc 7:
String Quartet Op. 132 No. 15 in A minor
String Quartet Op.135 No.16 in F major 'Muss es sein? es muss sein!'


Bacbuc said...

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Thank you very much, Toutatis! This is really amazing.
You are the greatest!


Kolya said...

Sometimes it sucks being in America, where the know how to squeeze blood out of a rock, but wouldn't know culture if it bit them in the ass!
If anyone's got a mirror, I'd appreciate it!

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Beautiful post. Thanks a lot.

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it will take days waiting for to listen to these masterpieces. why on earth these crappy file hosters?

Toutatis said...

Because it takes time to upload stuff on a server at a time. Clever people realized that I'm testing different services and a third mirror is on the way. And you, what do you want? Do I have to stick a broom up my ass and sweep clean your living room?

Kolya said...

Dear Anonymous:
Be thankful you can actually download at all! Look how many hosts (and consequently entire blogs) have gone down recently. At least you're living somewhere where downloading is not blocked!

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I love the Beethoven recordings I have heard thus far from the Artemis SQ so I hope a US-friendly mirror can be made available. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication!!

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After 12 days of trying (and 7 hours of downloading per disc when I was lucky enough to get through), I can report: SUCCESS! Thank you so much Toutakis for this beautiful gift!

Peppino said...

Toutatis this post is MAGNIFICENT!
I have Beethoven's complete string quartet cycles by Emerson, Takacs, Quatuor Veigh, Melos, Borodin, Cleveland, Quartetto Italiano, and Amaedus but this is one of the finest I've heard. Not only is their playing technically superb but they are smoothly and beautifully played, calming and relaxing.

Your astounding volume of hard work and great generosity of heart over the past few years is much appreciated and fully enjoyed by all of us here at your blog.

sudzy said...

This looks like a great post and I would love to hear this, but 2 of the file hosts are not available in my country and the 3rd is so slow that the page will not even load. I've appreciated some of your posts in the past and hope that you choose a working method soon.

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