13 March 2012

Nuria Rial: Telemann Opera Arias

FLAC tracks | 1 CD, Booklet | 285 MB
2011 | TT 58:46 | Harmonia Mundi
Nuria Rial is one of the leading baroque soloists and is famous for her shining, crystal clear and beautiful voice. In this album she sings, with the world famous Kammerorchester Basel, nine rarely recorded German arias by Georg Philip Telemann. They are taken from rarely performed operas by this underestimated baroque composer: "Emma and Eginhard", "Der geduldige Socrates" and "Germanicus". The aria "Komm, oh Schlaf" from the opera "Germanicus" is a world premier recording, the scores only being found a couple of years ago in Frankfurt. The disc also includes two violin concertos from which the Overtures to “Emma und Eginhard” and “Der geduldige Socrates” are taken.
Komm o Schlaf, und laß mein Leid (from Germanicus)
Mich tröstet die Hoffnung (from Der geduldige Socrates)
Das Auge starrt, die Lippen beben (from Emma und Eginhard)
Erscheine bald du Irrlicht meiner Sinne (from Emma und Eginhard)
Violin Concerto in A minor
Steckt Mars den Degen ein (from Emma und Eginhard)
Ach was für Qual und Schmerz (from Der unglückliche Alcmeon)
Ach seht mich doch, geliebte Augen (from Der neumodische Liebhaber Damon)
Violin Concerto in C major (Overture to Der geduldige Socrates)
Meine Tranen werden Wellen (from Der geduldige Socrates)
Mir schmeichelt die Hoffnung (from Der geduldige Socrates)
Nuria Rial
Kammerorchester Basel / Julia Shroder


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Do you have her performance on Handel's German Arias (Susse Stille)?

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