06 March 2012

G.F.Handel - Sento Brillar; Arias for Carestini

G.F.Handel - Sento Brillar; Arias for Carestini [Vesselina Kasarova] FLACer 1.1 | tracks, no cue, no log | covers+booklet | 309 Mb Classical | 2008 | RCA Red Seal
"Handel could express the whole cosmos of humanity with his music. He had a passion for opera. The fascinating thing is that, like Mozart, the most profoundly and intensely dramatic music of his is found not in showy tunes, but in the slow and quiet music when his heroes express their anguish and sorrow.
For this new recital disc, Bulgarian mezzo-soprano Vesselina Kasarova has assembled a group of arias either written for, or sung by, Carestini. The result has the potential to be a fascinating and illuminating recital, especially as Kasarova is accompanied by Alan Curtis and his group Il Complesso Barocco."
OTTONE, RÉ DI GERMANIA, HWV 15 (1733) 1. Dove sei, dolce mia vita 2. Un disprezzato affetto ARIANNA IN CRETA, HWV 32 3. O patria! O citadini! 4. Sol ristoro di mortali 5. Bella sorge la speranza IL PASTOR FIDO/TERPSICORE, HWV 8c 6. Sento brillar nel sen 7. Caro amor, sol per momenti ARIODANTE, HWV 33 8. Overture & Ballet 9. O felice mio core 10. Con l’ali di constanza 11. E vivo ancora? 12. Scherza infida in grembo al drudo 13. Numi Lasciami vivere ALCINA, HWV 34 14. Mi lusinga il dolce affetto 15. Verdi prati, selve amene Vesselina Kasarova: mezzo-soprano Alan Curtis & Il Complesso Barocco (period instruments) A GOOD REVIEW: HERE


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