18 March 2012

Duo al Dente: The Food of Love

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Date CD: 06/01/2002 | Danacord | 60:26
Duo al Dente is known for its happy, sunlit and very personal, intimate performances of early music, rich in elegance, contrast and historical atmosphere. With instruments of the periods combined with a present-day enthusiasm, Duo al Dente gives audiences an experience full of charm and character.
1: Francesco Barsanti - Where Helen lies
2: Francesco Barsanti - Dumbarton's Drums
3: Francesco Barsanti - The Lass of Peatie's mill
4: Francesco Barsanti - The Highland Laddie
5-9: Francesco Barsanti - Sonate III in g-Moll, op. 1
10-14: William Babell - Sonate X in C-Dur
15: Gottfried Finger - A Ground by Mr. Finger
16-19: Georg Friedrich Händel - Sonate XI in F-Dur
20: From the Balcarres Lute Book - Tweedsyde
21: From the Balcarres Lute Book - The Nightingale
22: From the Balcarres Lute Book - I love my love, in secrett
23-29: William Babell - Sonate I in g-Moll
30: Francesco Barsanti - Loehaber
31: Francesco Barsanti - The bonny Earl of Murray
32: Francesco Barsanti - Peggy I must love thee
Duo Al Dente
Kirsten Lund Jensen - recorder
Per Weile Bak - lute and theorbo

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Anonymous said...

A very Edinburgh Musical Society programme, excellently played