09 February 2012

Mirror, mirror on the wall

My friend tried to post her mirrors on AVAX this morning but guess what:
PaShit refused it because: "Sorry but it's not EAC".
I could mention their rules:
For AudioCD ripping we recommend to use Exact Audio Copy (EAC). You can download the latest version HERE
It's not obligatory, but if you will use an other tool - you must specify the name of such program.
When one is a turd you can't expect it to behave like a human. Need I to write more?
Maybe yes: Mods had a chance to have good music on their site, no credit to me and actually I would push people to their site but alas no! They bend their own rules just to show their (fast decreasing) users how stupid a boy can be.
Well, it's all. If you really needed those mirrors, go and say a very big "THANK YOU" to the shit and its farts.
Some time ago I made acquaintance with one of you, a very nice person with a working account to Avax and we made a deal. She will try to repost my CDs there using different services so that you will have some more mirrors to connect to and maybe everyone will be happy. I can't go on managing four of them (not even one with "remote upload" capacities) and I will have to settle on the best two (the ones with the more downloads).
I can disclose now that she will almost surely use Filefactory and you know that Avax staff makes it mandatory the use of the Filepost platform which is a pain in the arse to me (never saw more than a blazing 12Kbps speed in upload and please don't talk about download) but is pretty good for a lot of people.
Have a nice day


Vienna Woods said...

You do post some incredible music which I would love to have but really, your hosters are so slow! It took me several attempts and an eventual all-night download of the excellent Raquel Andueza recording. Why not bite the bullet and use coded Rapidshare links? It seems unaffected by the current troubles and is very fast!

J. Walker said...

toutatis: Thank you for your effort; please don't quit!! Too many good people (alehkno, for example) just gave up.

Avaxhome has made a terrible error in requiring Filepost -- do you see the volume of classical music posts now? It used to be 3 pages of new posts each it is just 3 new posts (!!).

Regarding a filehost, I agree with the prior post: Rapidshare still works well. Also, is good (not great, but "it works").

expanium said...

Por favor no filepost. Wupload, hotfile, rapidshare, andan bien.


Anonymous said...


17 Jan 2012
Sainte-Colombe: Concerts A Deux Violes Esgales|8 CD | Lossless|Covers | 2.05 GB FLAC | Covers | ATMA |2001/2004 Fileserve - - Filesonic

Is out.


Vivelo said...

Thanks for all these wonderful posts. We are in a very difficult moment: Dls are slow, or free slots occupied or you just can't dl at all!! For me, at the moment the bests are: rapidshare,, depositfiles and mediafire. I don't know if they will disappear. Some guys use Embedupload, on what you have 5 different servers to choose and if one is down, you have the others to get...Filepost is good, but now I have a long line of links waiting for dl, because it's so much slow!! I really miss Megaupload, fine and fast. You choose which one is better for you, I'll be happy to dl from whatever it is, and thanks for not giving up!!!Greetings from Brazil.

Anonymous said...


17 Jan 2012
Sainte-Colombe: Concerts A Deux Violes Esgales|8 CD | Lossless|Covers | 2.05 GB FLAC | Covers | ATMA |2001/2004 Fileserve - - Filesonic

Is not out now.

Newly is

10 February 2012
Sainte-Colombe: Concerts A Deux Violes Esgales|8 CD | Lossless | Covers | 2.05 GB
FLAC | Covers | ATMA | 2001/2004
Uploaded - - Filevelocity

And is In.

Uploaded & Filevelocity go on well.

This is an exclusive repost and IT IS ONLY IN this place of total www. -World Wide Web: DISINFESTAVAXHOME .Toutatis.Blog

Thank You Very Much Toutatis.
Muchas Gracias, Toutatis.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Toutatis Fantastic!

alex said...

be patient, the easy way is to shut the blog, instead our hero Toutatis continues the fight to give us the music we love

i look at the mirror and see TOUTATIS

MANY, MANY thanks

Peppino said...

Yeah, Pasha13 has a few screws looose.

Amarc said...

When I open this file ( Albertini: Sonates pour violon & basse continue) it asks me for password. Please, where do I seek.
Thanks very much.

Toutatis said...

I NEVER use passwords: I hate it.

Amarc said...

Thanks Toutatis. I don't know what is hapening.

Toutatis said...

Amarc, noprobs :)

Anonymous said...

filepost is best > no waiting between!



Anonymous said...