16 February 2012

Baroque Music from Latin America Vol.1

Baroque | 1 CD | EAC | APE+CUE, no LOG | Booklet | 293 MB | T 68:27
Recorded: October 2002, All Saints, Tooting, United Kingdom
Released: April 2003 | Label: HYPERION
Ex Cathedra, Jeffrey Skidmore (conductor)
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'This is arguably the most original CD of the year, and it's generated a huge number of enquiries from Classic FM listeners. Jeffrey Skidmore and Ex Cathedra have tapped a rich seam of baroque choral music ... Do not be put off by the unfamiliarity of the composers; this is wonderful music' (John Brunning, Classic FM Magazine)
'This is one of the most eye-opening CDs - or should I say ear-opening - that I have heard this year. What a magical concoction of sounds - and what brilliant playing!' (Henry Kelly, Classic FM)
'Hypnotically good' (Simon Bates, Classic FM)
'The expressive range is astonishing ... a delight to commend' (BBC Music Magazine)
'This wonderfully colourful collection puts the vivid vocal qualities of Jeffrey Skidmore's virtuoso choir Ex Cathedra into the foreground' (Gramophone)
'sumptuously realised with a varied - but historically appropriate - panoply of voices and instruments ... a richly rewarding CD ... I have been driving around with it in my car and my 11-year old son now prefers it to David Bowie ... Thoroughly recommended' (Gramophone)
'Jeffrey Skidmore unearths some scintillating examples of the Old World meeting the New, with Renaissance polyphony underpinned by African-Latin drums. The result is only a few beats removed from modern examples of Catholic worship. A fascinating disc' (The Independent)
'Ex Cathedra has unearthed some magnificent music here; there are plenty of fascinating discoveries, performed with great feeling and panache, and with potent seasoning from the period instruments. The disc has the markings of a bestseller, and certainly deserves to be' (Daily Telegraph)
'terrific music, terrific singing' (The Times)
'stunning ... choral music of the most vibrant quality imaginable, performed by Ex Cathedra with equally vigorous zeal ... the whole background is fascinatingly documented in Skidmore's own invaluable insert-note ... all vocalists display the group's customary virtuosity in a range of languages ... unmissable' (Birmingham Post)
'this really is an irresistible recording, offering a wealth of styles and colours and plenty of South American sunshine. Buy it and discover the New World for yourself' (International Record Review)
'Ex Cathedra and Jeffrey Skidmore are first-rate ambassadors for this music ... the overall sound is beautiful and the performance, from instrumentalists and singers, has great conviction and energy ... An album of unexpectedly wicked delight' (BBCi)
'fascinatingly varied in idiom and influence, and Skidmore has unearthed some real gems' (Choir and Organ)
'this recording is highly recommended ... These are polished, emotionally engaged performances, brightly recorded, of fascinating, exciting repertoire' (Early Music Today)
'This is one of the most exciting releases I've seen in awhile ... The performance is flawless, with a wide range of emotional expression; the sound is excellent' (American Record Guide)
'extremely rewarding, bringing yet further evidence of the richness of Latin American Baroque music ... the performances are very accomplished indeed ... splendid disc' (Fanfare, USA)
'immaculately performed ... fascinating' (The Guardian)
1 Hanacpachap cussicuinin [4'00] Anonymous - traditional
Missa Ego flos campi Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (c1590-1664)
2 Movement 1: Kyrie [2'04]
3 Movement 2: Gloria [3'37]
4 Xicochi conetzintle [2'02] Gaspar Fernandes (1570-1629)
Missa Ego flos campi Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (c1590-1664)
5 Movement 3: Credo [6'20]
6 Los coflades de la estleya [5'21] Juan de Araujo (1648-1712)
Missa Ego flos campi Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (c1590-1664)
7 Movement 4: Sanctus and Benedictus [1'44]
8 Versa est in luctum [5'26] Alonso Lobo (1555-1617)
Missa Ego flos campi Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (c1590-1664)
9 Movement 5: Agnus Dei [1'38]
10 Salve regina [12'25] Hernando Franco (1532-1585)
11 Qhapaq eterno Dios [1'23] Anonymous - traditional
12 Ut queant laxis [4'09] Juan de Araujo (1648-1712)
Missa San Ignacio Domenico Zipoli (1688-1726)
13 Movement 1: Kyrie [4'20]
14 Movement 2: Gloria [10'01]
15 Convidando esta la noche [3'57] Juan García de Zéspedes (1619-1678)
I'm beginning here to resurrect some of the works that "disappeared" from Avax or were "abandoned" from the original uploaders. There's not a real thought behind it, I'm just cleaning up my HDs and following the wind. What I downloaded long ago is flowing back. All credits go to the first uploader. Enjoy...


аффтор said...

though Lobo masterpiece 'Versa est in luctum' is the brightest (and, of course, sorrowful) gem in this set, the others are surprisingly delicate and masterly crafted rim of this diamond.

Helfgrim said...

Thank you very much!

matongsai said...

Thanks a lot.