17 February 2012

Baroque Music from Latin America Vol.2

Baroque | 1 CD | EAC | APE+CUE, no LOG | Booklet | 341 MB | TT 75:47
Recorded: October 2004, St Jude-on-the-Hill, Hampstead Garden Suburb, London
Released: September 2005 | Label: HYPERION
Ex Cathedra, Jeffrey Skidmore (conductor)
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DISC OF THE MONTH (BBC Music Magazine)
'bursting with fun and uplifting music. The liturgical items shine with melodic beauty and joy' (The Times)
'… ending in a frenzy of whoops and shrieks - Ex Cathedra more exhilaratingly uninhibited than I've heard them before. After such abandoned exuberance, Vesoers ends with an endearingly unaffected recessional hymn. Instruments and voices are reduced, one by one, until nothing remains but hummed voices lingering in the air - and the memory of a most impressive disc' (BBC Music Magazine)
'Ex Cathedra enter into the festive spirit with the infectious enthusiasm for this newly discovered treasure-trove that also pervades their crisp, stylish performances of the more sober pieces' (Daily Telegraph)
'truly sublime...all beautifully played, sung and recorded' (The Sunday Times)
'Skidmore and Ex Cathedra fill this album with some of the most alive, infectious and uplifting Baroque polyphony I've ever heard … A very special release' (Classic FM Magazine)
'Jeffrey Skidmore and Ex Cathedra turn the dead contents of dusty archives into a thrilling programme … one of the finest albums of early baroque music to grace its catalogue' (Music Week)
'A fascinating re-creation' (The Guardian)
'This second collection from Jeffrey Skidmore fizzes with excitement and energy and is every bit as engrossing as his first' (The Independent)
'Here is a truly wonderful disc, by reason of the splendours of the works chosen and the superbly controlled enthusiasm and skill of the performers … an absolute winner' (International Record Review)
'In an engagingly personal note, Jeffrey Skidmore tells of his exploratory journeys to Latin America, where he uncovered vast amounts of a treasure store of repertoire that is evident not only from his words, but also the performances he inspires from Ex Cathedra. To induce such idiomatically colourful singing and playing on October days in London is an achievement warranting unreserved plaudits. Viva! Viva, Jeffrey!' (Fanfare, USA)
'The musicians of Ex Cathedra under Jeffrey Skidmore add further lustre to their reputation with some ravishing vocal and instrumental performances which are by turns exuberantly sophisticated and intensely moving in their simplicity. A short review cannot hope to do justice to this wonderful CD. Buy it!' (Cathedral Music)
1 Hanacpachap cussicuinin [5'02] Anonymous - traditional
2 Deus in adiutorium [2'02] Juan Gutiérrez de Padilla (c1590-1664)
3 Dixit Dominus [8'29] Juan de Araujo (1648-1712)
4 ¡Salga el torillo hosquillo! [7'21] Diego José de Salazar (c1660-1709)
5 Beatus vir [11'48] Domenico Zipoli (1688-1726)
6 ¡Viva Ignacio! ¡Viva! [0'38] Gaspar Fernandes (1570-1629)
7 Laudate Dominum [4'04] Francisco López Capillas (c1605-1674)
8 ¡Aquí, Valentónes! [3'22] Juan de Araujo (1648-1712)
9 Dios itlazonantziné [3'09] Hernando Franco (1532-1585)
10 Ave maris stella [3'42] Domenico Zipoli (1688-1726)
11 Magnificat [6'17] Francisco López Capillas (c1605-1674)
12 Cui luna, sol et omnia [3'03] Francisco López Capillas (c1605-1674)
13 ¡Albricias, mortales! [5'11] Manuel de Sumaya (c1678-1755)
14 Sancta Maria, e! [2'23] Francisco Hernández (1517-1587)
15 ¡Ay, andar! [4'51] Juan de Araujo (1648-1712)
16 Dulce Jesús mío [4'25] Anonymous - traditional
I'm beginning here to resurrect some of the works that "disappeared" from Avax or were "abandoned" from the original uploaders. There's not a real thought behind it, I'm just cleaning up my HDs and following the wind. What I downloaded long ago is flowing back. All credits go to the first uploader. Enjoy...


Michael-Yitzhak said...

All three volumes of this series are beautiful. i had never even known that there was such a wealth of beautiful baroque music which came out of Latin America.
The 'Hanacpachap'is amazing, in all three volumes.

Thank you.

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This needs to come back

MILTON said...

thank you very much dear friend for this wonderful collection of Tactus forever grateful hug

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