28 February 2012

Handel: Complete Cantatas Vol.3

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Arresta il passo (Aminta e Fillide) HWV 83
Klaartje van Veldhoven (Soprano, Aminta)
Stefanie True (Soprano, Fillide)
Contrasto Armonico
Marco Vitale, harpsichord and direction
Brilliant Classics 94230 (1-CD) • EAN code: 5028421942308
Release date: August 2011
This dramatic cantata is one of the earliest works composed for Handel’s Italian patron Marquis Francesco Maria Ruspoli. It is thought that the first performance took place in 1707, around the same time as his La Resurrezione. Handel met Corelli, and had heard the music of Alessandro Scarlatti, and his compositional skills had broadened considerably as a result.
In addition, his ability at realising in his music the emotion behind the words, and of creating fully rounded characters (that would later distinguish him as one of the greatest opera composers) blossomed. Although Handel had huge orchestral forces at his disposal in Italy, the scoring for this tender tale of a shepherd who eventually wins the love of a nymph playing hard to get, is small and ideal for the drama that unfolds. This recording uses Handel’s original version of the score, considered by Marco Vitale to be stronger than his revision.
A unique and prestigious project: the complete cantatas by Handel. Volume 3 offers the great, large-scale Italian Cantata Aminta & Fillide, written by the young Handel in Rome, and telling the story of a shepherd winning the love of a reluctant nymph. The performances of Contrasto Armonico and Marco Vitale, bases on thorough scientific research and played on period instruments, are full of “Handelian” drama and virtuosity. The singers are absolutely wonderful, Stephanie True is one of the finest Baroque sopranos at present. Complete texts included, as well as liner notes written by Marco Vitale, explaining the background, history and sources of this wonderful music.


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