29 February 2012

Handel: Complete Cantatas Vol.2

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Un’alma innamorata HWV 173 • O lucenti o sereni occhi HWV 144
Del bell’idolo mio HWV 104 • Aure soavi e liete HWV 84
Tra le fiamme (Il consiglio) HWV 170
Stefanie True, soprano
Contrasto Armonico
Marco Vitale, harpsichord and direction
Brilliant Classics 94000 (1-CD) • EAN code: 5028421940007
Release date: December 2009
FANFARE fffff (Want List, November 2010)
Handel’s cantatas represent an important but until recently little-known area of his work. Even now newly discovered works are found and performed to much excitement in the media and among lovers of Handel’s music. They were written during his time in Rome from 1707/8, and were intended for private use. They range from miniatures consisting of two arias, recitative and a basso continuo, to large scale works with all the drama of his operas, complete with named characters, a plot, and large orchestral forces.
This CD contains the remarkable ‘Tra le fiamme’, written for Cardinal Pamphilj, who provided the text. The story concerns a young man who’s heart is playing for amusement and affection ‘in the flames’, but is being deceived by ‘charm and beauty’. He considers the fact that very few people escape the flames of love safely, and without being hurt. The story then turns to the example of Daedalus and his son Icarus, and how man seldom learns from history.


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