27 February 2012

Handel: Complete Cantatas Vol.4

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Clori, mia bella Clori HWV 92 • Sans y penser HWV 155
Clori, vezzosa Clori HWV 95 • Pensieri notturni di Filli HWV 134
Lungi n'ando Fileno HWV 128
Stefanie True, Klaartje van Veldhoven, sopranos
Contrasto Armonico
Marco Vitale, harpsichord and direction
Brilliant Classics 94257 (1-CD) • EAN code: 5028421942575
Release date: November 2011
The 4th volume of Brilliant Classics' recordings of Handel's complete cantatas, performed by Contrasto Armonico and directed by Marco Vitale, gathers together five works that vividly illustrate the composer's skill at setting the words of his texts, creating hitherto unknown emotional depth and nuance from modest orchestral forces.
The musical setting of Clori, mia bella Clori amply displays the genius that would establish Handel as the leading operatic composer of his day, using a range of different combinations of instruments to respond to the subject of each section of the text, from grief and weeping to passionate jealousy. Similarly, in both Pensieri notturni di Filli (Nel dolce dell'oblio) and Lungi n'andò Fileno Handel employs striking dissonance to create a musical counterpart to the despair and suffering of the texts. By contrast, Sans y penser, Handel's only French cantata, is a comic work, closing with a humorous musical illustration of the singer's tribute to drinking.
Handel composed over 100 secular cantatas during his stay in Italy in the early 1700s. He had several patrons; among the most generous and supportive was the Marquis Francesco Maria Ruspoli, and most of the information on the works included on this disc comes from his records.
These cantatas reveal the richness of the young composer's compositional palette, and his ability to depict the content of his texts in such a way that the listener both hears and experiences the emotions of each work. As such, they are an important foreshadowing of his later career as a celebrated operatic composer.


hc91237 said...

Hello great post thanks very very much. Hope you can post vols 1-3

Anonymous said...

Very many thanks for your generosity, Toutatis!
Would you scan the cantatas text included in the volume 4 booklet, please? I can't find the libretti of the HWV 128 & HWV 95 cantatas. Thank you again and again!

Anonymous said...

To hc91237:

Hello, the vols 1 & 2 are here:

Enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you buy the CDs instead of stealing them from the net? Musicians need the support of the people for making these recordings!

Anonymous said...

would it be possible to get a copy of the page with the name of the musicians? Would be great, since I'm one of them!

Toutatis said...

And... doesn't disturb you seeing your work going public domain?

Anonymous said...

no, I haven't even got my own copy yet..

Toutatis said...

Ah!... Brilliant, Brilliant... you're throwing your artists into the deadly embrace of piracy.

Toutatis said...

Posting the missing pages tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Remind the full text of the cantatas, please!

Anonymous said...

Buy the CD's! This is piracy!!

Toutatis said...

I never stopped buying CDs in the last 20 years. Thanx to Amazon and the likes I can say I'm buying more now than then.

The texts of the cantatas:

Clori, vezzosa Clori HWV95

16 Recitativo

Clori, vezzosa Clori,
Lontan dal tuo sembiante
Fra i taciturni orrori
Di boscareccie piante,
Fra le pompe del prato,
E il mormorar del rio,
Ho sempre dinanzi
Il tuo bel volto amato.

17 Aria

Il bosco, il prato, il rio,
Di te, caro ben mio
L'imagine adorata
Riportano al pensier.
E se zampilla if fonte
Mi par di star à fronte
De lumi tuoi vivaci
E del tuo guardo arcier.

18 Recitativo

Se l'usignol canoro,
Dolcemente si lagna
Dell'infida compagna,
Mi richiama nel seno
Quel geloso veleno
Che lontano date
M'opprime il core:
In somma a tutte l'ore,
Et ovunque rivolgo il piede errante
Sempre fido e costante
Mi si fa scorta amore,
Quel caro amor che servo tuo mi rese,
E di fiamma si bella il cor m'accese.

19 Aria

Non è possibile,
O Clori amabile
Che di te scordesi
L'amante cor.
Non e Credibile
Quanto durabile
Sarà nell'anima
L'acceso ardor.

Lungi n'andò Fileno HWV128

24 Recitativo

Lungi, lungi n'andò Fileno,
Filen, del viver mio parte migliore,
Alma dell alma mia,
Cor del mio core!
O Dio! sapessi almeno,
Dov'ei lasciandomi rivolse il piede,
Che, in segno di mia fede,
Al caro ben volar vorrei d'appresso,
Ma giacché tanto a me non è concesso,
Ah! disfatevi intanto
Mie dolenti pupille in mesto pianto.

25 Aria

Si, piangete, O mie pupille,
Ed al suon di vostre stille
Coi sospir risponda il cor.
E risuoni in flebil eco,
In ogn'antro, in ogni speco,
La mia pena, il mio dolor.

26 Recitativo

Ahi! m'inganno, infelice,
Se in così rio tormento,
Spero trovar pietà del mio martire!
No, non basta il soffrire,
Se sperar non mi lice
In così fiera sorte,
Se non la tirannia di cruda morte.
Ne giova il pianger sempre
A franger del destin le dure tempre.

27 Aria

Dunque se il tanto piangere
Non basta il fato a frangere,
Vivere io più non vuò,
Ch'il misero mio cor,
A così rio dolor,
(Al fiero suo dolor,)
Resistere non può.

Toutatis said...

the links to the missing booklet pages:

Anonymous said...

Very many thanks for scan the booklet, Toutatis! Let me know if you need some special recording. I'll try to help.

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