09 February 2012

Boesset: L'Archange & le Lys

Easy CD-DA | FLAC tracks | Booklet | 271 Mb
Date CD: September 29, 2011 | Zig-Zag Territoires | 1:08
Boësset s repertoire for high voices, transmitted by the precious Deslauriers manuscript, is the only surviving musical evidence of the religious output of one of the most influential French composers of the 17th century. Bearing witness to a miraculously preserved and somewhat mysterious musical world, this precious recording reveals a repertoire at once sober and poetic, which invites us into the gates of those convents that attracted a public enthralled by their angelic voices and animated by a single authentic faith that further increased the powerful appeal and mystery of their singing.
1. Allemanda gravis
2. Anna mater matris redemptoris nostri
3. Quam pulchra es
4. Antiphonier de Montmartre: Missus est Gabriel Angelus
5. Messe du 11e mode: Kyrie
6. Messe du 11e mode: Gloria
7. Meslanges: Prélude
8. Messe du 11e mode: Credo
9. Meslanges: Dum esset rex
10. Antiphonier de Montmartre: Ave maria gratia plena
11. Messe du 11e mode: Sanctus
12. Messe du 11e mode: Agnus Dei
13. Domine salvum fac regem
14. Antiphonier de Montmartre: Ecce ancilla Domini
15. Antiphonae: Veni electa mea
16. Cantica sacra: Symphonia a 4 viol.
17. Dixit Dominus
18. Antiphonier de Montmartre: Gabriel Angelus
19. Salve Regin
20. Meslanges: Beata Dei genitrix
21. Sancta Maria
22. Visitat Maria Elisabeth
23. Antiphonae: Similabo eum viro sapienti
24. Magnificat
25. Ave mater pia
Ensemble Correspondances
Sébastien Daucé


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