05 February 2012

Los Pajaros Perdidos

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Date CD: January 31, 2012 | Virgin | 56:08
1 - Duerme negrito
2 - Alfonsina y el mar (Zamba)
3 - Montilla (Golpe)
4 - Pájaro campana (Polca)
5 - Los pájaros perdidos
6 - Pájarillo verde (Pájarillo)
7 - Isla Sacá (Polca)
8 - La embarazada del viento (Gaita Margariteña)
9 - Zamba para no morir (Zamba)
10 - ¡ Ay ! este azul
11 - El curruchá (Joropo)
12 - Caballo Viejo (Pasaje) & Alma Llanera (Joropo)
13 - La cocoroba (Joropo oriental)
14 - Zamba del Chaguanco (Zamba)
15 - Como un pájaro libre
16 - Como la cigarra
17 - Ojito de Agua
18 - Polo margariteño (Polo)
19 - Fandango
20 - Bésame mucho (Bolero)
In a characteristically thrilling fusion of musical styles, L'Arpeggiata, the prizewinning ensemble led by harpist Christina Pluhar, presents a programme of Spanish and Latin American music that ranges from the 17th century to the present day.
Guest vocalists include French countertenor Philippe Jaroussky, who sings the lyrical title tango, 'Lost Birds' by Astor Piazzolla.
A thrilling and arresting fusion of musical styles and techniques is a trademark of L'Arpeggiata, the multi-faceted instrumental and vocal ensemble led by Christina Pluhar. This new collection – which takes its name, 'Los Pajaros Perdidos' ('the lost birds'), from a piece by the King of Tango, Astor Piazzolla – brings a heady Latin American mix. Echoes from the pre-Columbian era, African rhythms and the styles and structures of the European Baroque all enrich this survey of music from the 17th century to the present day, with a geographical spread that covers Spain, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay and Venezuela.


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Merci pour ce choix,
Original et innovant, Christina Pluhar et son groupe interprètent des oeuvres de la Renaissance avec une nouvelle approche vocale et surtout un travail sur la tradition baroque liée à d'autres genres artistiques comme le jazz.