15 February 2012

Kusser: Composition de Musique (1682)

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Date CD: 03/28/2006 | Musicaphon | 56:08
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The son of Johann Kusser, a Protestant cantor in Pressburg, Johann Sigismund and his parents moved to Stuttgart in 1674. Two years later he went to spend six years in Paris and the Palace of Versailles. There he met the French court composer Jean-Baptiste Lully and learned from him how to compose in the French style. Kusser was then employed at the princely courts in Baden-Baden and Ansbach, before in October 1683 taking a trip to Germany.
These three overtures, from the set of six entitled Composition de Musique, are youthful works first published in 1682. Their music is tuneful and beautifully crafted, and here it is played on period instruments with style, insight and expertise by Les Enchantants under the inspired direction of Klaus Westermann.
Composition de musique suivant la méthode françoise
6 Suittes
Score (First Edition Stauttgart: P. Treu, 1682)
PDF, parts (20Mb)


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