18 April 2012

J.S.Bach: Brandenburg Concertos

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2 CD | Date CD: 2005 | Sony | 99:37

CD 2

Konzert No. 1 In F-Dur, BWV 1046 (21:37)
A1 (Ohne Satzbezeichnung)
A2 Adagio
A3 Allegro
A4 Menuetto - Trio - Menuetto - Polacca - Menuetto - Trio
Konzert No. 2 In F-Dur, BWV 1047 (12:02)
B1 (Ohne Satzbezeichnung)
B2 Andante
B3 Allegro - Assai
Konzert No. 4 In G-Dur, BWV 1049 (15:32)
B4 Andante 6:50
B5 Allegro 3:56
B6 Presto 4:40
Konzert No. 5 In D-Dur, BWV 1050 (21:15)
C1 Allegro
C2 Affetuoso
C3 Allegro
Konzert No. 3 In G-Dur, BWV 1048 (10:35)
D1 (Ohne Satzbezeichnung)
D2 Adagio
D3 Allegro
Konzert No. 6 In B-dur, BWV 1051 (17:42)
D4 (Ohne Satzbezeichnung)
D5 Adagio, Ma Non Tanto
D6 Allegro


* Bassoon [Barockfagott] – Brian Pollard (tracks: A1 to A4)
* Cello [Barock Violoncello] – Anner Bylsma (tracks: A1 to B3, C1 to D6)
* Cello [Barock Violoncello] - Wieland Kuijken (tracks: A1 to B6, D)
* Cello [Barockvioloncello, 2] – Richte Van Der Meer (tracks: D1, D2)
* Flute [Block, 2] – Kees Boeke (tracks: B4 to B6)
* Flute [Block, German] – Frans Brüggen (tracks: B1 to C3)
* Harpsichord – Bob Van Asperen (tracks: A1 to B3)
* Horns [Naturhorn , 2] – Jos Konings (tracks: A1 to A4)
* Horns [Naturhorn, 1] – Ab Koster (tracks: A1 to A4)
* Oboe [Barockoboe, 1] – Paul Dombrecht (tracks: A1 to B3,)
* Oboe [Barockoboe, 2] – Ku Ebbinge (tracks: A1 to A4)
* Oboe [Barockoboe, 3] – Pieter Dhont (tracks: A1 to A4)
* Producer, Recorded By – Wolf Erichson
* Trumpet [Barock] – Claude Rippas (tracks: B1 to B6)
* Viol [Viola Da Gamba] – Adelheid Glatt (tracks: C3 to C5)
* Viola – Wiel Peeters (tracks: A1 to D2)
* Violin [Barock] – Lucy Van Dael
* Violin [Barock], Viola – Sigiswald Kuijken
* Violin [Barockvioline, 1] – Alda Stuurop (tracks: A1 to B3), Janneke Van Der Meer (tracks: A1 to B6), Marléen Thiers (tracks: A1 to B3, D1 to D3)
* Violin [Barockvioline, 2] – Ruth Hesseling (tracks: A1 to B3)
* Violin [Violone] – Anthony Woodrow


Recorded at:
Haarlem, Holland, Doopsgezinde Kerk, 1976.

Performed on period instruments.

Gustav Leonhardt: harpsichord & directions


ipromesisposi said...

Leonhardt, Brüggen, Bylsma, Kuijken brothers, Asperen...what dream team!

Anonymous said...

pw = ?

Anonymous said...

sorry- disregard pw comment

Demetrio said...


I'm very very looking for J.S. Bach - Complete Harpsichord Concertos - Rousset, Hogwood (Decca, 1998)

Can you help me?

Starling said...

Thank you very much! Great post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I've always loved these performances since I bought them as a set of LPs that came with a wonderful facsimile of Bach's manuscript. Reading the music in Bach's hand as these great musicians played it really something for this college student. And after all that time I think they still hold up as performances, Thanks, again.

Audentity said...

Great to finally hear Leonhardt's Brandenburgs. I was brought up on Hogwood with AAM.