05 April 2012

Ex Libris Doctoris Amerbachii

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Date CD: 2006 | Musiques Suisses | 56:08
This release introduces some of the most fascinating music from the music books that once belonged to the lawyer Bonifacius Amerbach (1495-1562), who lived in Basle during the first half of the sixteenth century.
Friend of Erasmus of Rotterdam, painted by Hans Holbein The Younger, Amerbach received thorough education which included instruction in music. He was also a passionate amateur musician on wind, plucked and keyboard instruments. Music books he collected are nowadays kept in the University Library in Basle.
The release is primarily devoted to the music of little-known composers active during the first half of the sixteenth century in the Alsace and Baden-Württemberg regions (chiefly Hans Buchner, Wolfgang Dachstein, Sixt Dietrich, Mathias Greiter, Johannes Fuchswild, Hans Kotter and Paul Wüst).
LA MORRA consists here of two contrasting groups: the 'alta' (a wind band with straight cornetto, bombard, slide trumpet and trombone) and the 'bassa' (lute, flutes, clavicytherium and Grossgeige (bass viol), joined by a female voice). All instruments used in performance were in common usage in South Germany and North Switzerland, and were described by Sebastian Virdung in his Musica getutscht - the earliest printed treatise on musical instruments, published in Basle in 1511.
Ich stond an einem morgen by Johannes Fuchswild
Grosmechtig by Ludwig Senfl
Tucto il mundo e fantasia by Jo. Hesdimois
Di pensier In pensier by Anon. / Harmonia In sol by Hans Kotter
Adiu mes amors by Anon, nach Josquin Desprez
Spaniol. Kochensperg by Hans Kotter
S'i'l dissi mai by Bartolomeo Tromboncino
Ellend pringt pin by Benedictus Ducis
Nit lang by nacht by Hans Buchner
Ich hof es sy by Georg Brack
Amy souffrez by Anon, nach Moulu
Au boys de soul en lombre dung by Anon, after Sermisy
Prooemium in re by Hans Kotter
Tandernack uf dem rin lag by Paul Hofhaimer
In mynem sinn by Mathias Greiter
Hor zu von nuwen sachen by Paul Wust
Ach elselin by Wolfgang Dachstein
Dentelore by Sixt Dietrich
Praeludium by Anon.
Mons seul plasier by Ninot Le Petit
In mynem sinn by Josquin Desprez
Vergine bella by Bartolomeo Tromboncino
Patris sapienta by Ruprecht Unterholtzer
Ich stond an einem morgen by Johann Schlend
La Morra
Corina Marti, flute, clavicytherium
Michal Gondko, lute
Elizabeth Rumsey, viola da gamba
William Dongois, cornett
Felix Stricker, slide trumpet
Dani Pelagatti, pommer
Keal Couper, trombone
with Arianna Savall, voice

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