30 September 2010

This is what happens when you mess up with moderators. OK, it's part of the game and I will not try to discuss here if the account was locked for a good reason or not. (Well, THREE good or non-existant reasons). But what happens today is that when your account is blocked all of your posts & comments disappears from Avax. So my question is: is this fair for Avax users? If I and one of the bastards (-=Pasha13=-, kasatkal or R@F) have a fight about something why Avax users have to pay the price? This question led me to some consideration: Avax users are not important to moderators, the most important thing to them is their childish ego's satisfaction. (And perhaps a big tube of anti-acne cream) So I asked myself if Avax users are important to me. The answer is yes. And no. Because actually some of Avax users are a real pain in the ass, if I can express myself this way. I can. This may seems a little confused but I'm travelling right at this moment, and I have not much time to dedicate to such scumbags now. But there are some important points to make: 1) material deleted from Avax (i.e. Sibelius' complete symphonies and poems... isn't it R@f?) is not gone forever. Next week I'll tell you where you'll find a lot of stuff that's gone from Avax. 2) I can touch the bastards where it hurts by simply deleting their stuff from Avax. If they do it I can do that too. What do I have to lose? If... If they don't unlock my account. The one which was locked because of an Avax user's blatant lie. But this is another story and will have to wait until next week. When we will talk about Irma Grese

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Alucard said...

If there is a thing I've learned from my avax experience: just post music and shut up.
No way you can have a mature talk with their mods, they don't even follow the same rules each other.
Sometimes I made a post and a mod approved it, some other time I made another post with same layout and was not approved because it lacked filesize, it had no tracklist or it had tracklist put in a bad manner (wtf?), or whatever. They just seem to act randomly.
I also got suspended once because I "spammed" my own blog in my own post. Made 3 posts with the link: all approved no complaints from mods. Made a 4th and got suspended for spam with no prior warning... Registered with another account just to explain that they accepted the links in my other posts and that there is NO mention of own-blog-spam in the rules (or at least there wasn't back then dunno now). I told them I could remove all the links to blog if they asked. Guess what? Got suspended my second account too, lol.
So going back to my first or second line: post music, shut up and accept everything they say.