27 September 2010

It's a sad life...

One can only imagine what kind of mean life the poor simulacrum of a moderator known as -=Pasha13=- is leading nowadays. And this require that kind of imagination that doesn't strain the mind: it's all too easy. Without a true friends and knowing very well that half the Avax community is laughing behind its back while the other half openly do it in its front the poor bastard dribble around with its red pencil and fight against all odds for survival. The new is that somehow it managed to reproduce itself: kasatkal (aka kazzakal) and R@F recently spawned from its... (nooo, this I can't imagine). But how was it possible? Meiosis? Parthenogenesis? Budding? Spores? Alas! we'll try to find an answer, and in truth that answer will lead us to a way to free Avaxhome from those bugs.

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