09 October 2010

Where kasatkal takes over

Well, sooner or later it had to happen: Irma is not talkin' to me anymore. Can't say I'm sorry. She is. You remember the PM I got from kasatkal? The one with "live peacefully" & "be reasonable please!" inside? I waited another day, my account was locked as always so I sent him a new PM in the rutracker forum givin' him time until midnight for fixing my account. Believe it or not when I checked my account at rutracker the morning after it was gone. And gone is my will to try to be talkative with this kind of scumbags. It's very funny because all I really wanted to do was to publish my posts in peace and that would be a benefit for me as for Avax. But I already proved that they don't give a shit about the community's welfare. So why should I?

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thanx a lot

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