04 October 2010

Irma Grese

Some news, just to establish a background. Irma Grese (the real Irma Grese was a nazi war criminal) surely is not a very elegant person, but this is not a crime. This nick appears with its own blog in Avax, posting some nice classical music and some horrible stuff Irma is trying to present as proper music. But this is not a crime too. This same person appears with the nick Caterina Sforza in this torrent forum where it's an active member in the subforum about classical music. From now on I'll assume she's a female. She contacted me some months ago when she asked me to re-rip some music I posted on Avax using a different setting. I asked her to explain me how to do it and she answered with a simple link to some tech I didn't fully understand... I reripped the CD but she was not satisfied with it so I refused to do the job again without clear directions and let her alone. Some days later I attached a mirror to one of her posts. There's a rule at Avax:you cannot post a mirror if the author of the post explicitly asks not to do it. Irma Grese's post was like this: (Ah-haaa! I told you there are sites around here mirroring exactly every Avax page just a few minutes after it's published! Even the links are the same.) This is how Irma Grese's post appeared the day after: See? She added the words "No mirrors, please!" at the bottom. Then she could have said to me: "Hey, I just forgot to write that, can you please remove your mirror?" I would have said: "OK!" No problem, no fight. What happened instead is she wrote to a moderator denouncing me for illegal mirroring, my account was locked forever. I made another account with a nick almost identical to the first one, then wrote a PM to Irma telling her exactly what I wrote a few lines above. She didn't answer, and I moved along. Bye-bye bitch. Last week, believe it or not, she did that again! I posted some music, she PMed me asking to re-rip the CD with EAC and I wrote a PM telling her how bad her memory was and to get lost. Simple like that, no insulting and no fighting. After 10 minutes my second account was locked because "multiple accounts are forbidden"!!! The facts until now? 1) Irma Grese / Caterina Sforza is a lying bastard. 2) I explained the situation to Avax moderators showing them independent proofs but I got banned. So... 3) One of Avax moderators is a lying bastard. But I'd say there are two of them at the very least. 4) Maybe it's just one moderator, maybe they're two... but how much they can possibly be desperate to go after a 87 years old nazi slut?

Coming soon part 2, where after a dramatic exchange of views between me and Irma we'll find out the bitch's true identity.


Berthold said...

This one Irma Grese, made a torrent of one of my uploads.
She never asked me, of course, but she "kindly" let me know about this.
In addition she said she mentioned her source, me, Berthold, but - you know - this is just a nickname and by its own means nothing.
Just check it:

Me too I have stopped posting at avax, too many rules, do-this-do-that-don't-do-this-etc, and many thieves there.

Anonymous said...


sincerly from germany