05 October 2010

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Maybe you're trying to find the reason why I am so angry with Avax moderators if all this mess happened because of Irma... the reason is quite simple, and it has nothing to do with her. I had some problems with moderators before but those problems are private. I mean I wouldn't dream to build up a case (and a blog) just because Pashit made me change my post 9 times because of commas in the wrong place: that's just funny and good jokes material but that's all. It's just between me and him. What really annoy me is the "Disappearing posts affair".

Take a look here: and now (drumrolls!) here: Google Webcache (Today is working)
Google cache will not stay there forever but this vietnamese blog post a snapshot of some Avax pages and here it is: (BTW this is the post that made Irma Grese contact me again.) In plain words every single Avax user is paying for my sins. Better: every single Avax user is paying for what Pashit and the other shitheads believe to be my sins! And this is not happening to my posts only. In other words I'm not fighting a war against censorship or whatever, I'm not that noble; I'm just defending my right to be held responsible for what I do but nothing more. The size of the matter is very different but it seems to me that the moderators act as the nazis acted against civil populations when they fighted the insurgents. Blind retaliation... very bad thing. Later I will post some music here, I'll try to locate all the posts that were erased from Avax. And part 2 of Irma Grese saga, as promised. P.S. BTW I am Cheshire Cat... Toutatis is just a friend of mine that gave me this blogger space. We were supposed to do this together but she gave up: she thinks it's useless to fight stupidity. I guess you'll never met her in Avax anymore.

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