26 October 2012

Melodious Melancholye

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Date CD: April 29, 2008 | Raum Klang | 54:22

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"Melodious" is an apt choice of adjective for these musicians, as their voices are very strong, pleasant, and beautiful. The instrumental performances are likewise cogent and skillful, and Ensemble Belladonna's offhand and casual style of playing seems idiomatic in a way that seems to the manner born, nothing in the performances smack of conspicuous realization. 
The program consists of a wide variety of English songs dating from the beginning of the thirteenth century to the early decades of the fifteenth. 
The annotation of Melodious Melancholye is sensible and contains details on sources for each piece within the track listing. 
Raum Klang's recording is a little quiet, but one only turn it up if need be; in every other way this maiden voyage for Ensemble Belladonna is a superb effort, and should win the group both wide admiration and many fans.


1. Worldes Blis Ne Last No Throwe
2. Hevene quene, for ensemble (after the song 'Edi beo thu hevene quene')
3. Miri it is while sumer ilast, estampie
4. Ar ne kut ich sorghe non
5. Bryd one brere (Bird on a Briar), song
6. Dou way, Robin / Sancta mater gracie, motet
7. Wel were hym that wyst, song
8. Abide, I hope it be the best, song
9. Plus penser que dire, faux-bordon chanson in 3 parts
10. Alas, departynge is ground of woo, song
11. Walter Frye - Alas, alas is my chief song, for 3 voices
12. Walter Frye - So ys emprinted, cantus melody
13. Robertus de Anglia - O fallaze e ria Fortuna, three-part song
14. Johannes Bedyngham - Agwillare for 2 voices (attrib.)
15. My wofull hert of all gladnesse
16. Lullay, lullow

Ensemble Belladonna
Miriam Andersen - voice, harp
Rebecca Bain - voice, fiddle
Susanne Ansorg - fiddle, rebec

I'm resurrecting here some of the works that "disappeared" from Avax or were "abandoned" from the original uploaders. There's not a real project behind it, I'm just cleaning up my HDs and following the tide. What I downloaded long ago is flowing back. All credits go to the first uploader. Enjoy...

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