16 October 2012

All in a Garden Green

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Date CD: March 26, 2012 | Brilliant | XX:XX

In the 17th century it was quite common to construct a work “from the bottom to the top,” starting with a simple bass line that repeats many times as the top melody lines are improvised with many variations on a theme. Long notes were divided into shorter and shorter notes, with ever more complex variations. This style of writing was called “Divisions”, as the notes were “divided” on top of the “ground” (the bass line). This is the basis for our program – divisions of time: time in the sense of musical time, but also time in the sense of the four seasons, Nature´s way of dividing the year. Melodies evolve, one flowing to the next.
Spring is introduced with the sweet call of the nightingale as written by John Playford, and love is awakened with “John Come Kiss Me Now,” along with delightful court songs by Nicolas Lanier and William Lawes. Summer´s passionate “Sweeter than Roses” and playful “All in a Garden Green” balance bright dances such as “The Glory of the Sun” and “Stanes Morris,” chosen for their liveliness and energy. Fall leads to frolicking, as Purcell´s “Autumn” and a complementary little “Aria” by Matteis describe the annual harvest. One can almost hear the windy gusts in our interpretation of Byrd´s “The Woods so Wild.” Soon, winter´s cold draws us back inside again with a solemn old Christmas tune “Remember O Thou Man”. And the circle is drawn to a close as we recall the year´s work, and praise the eternity of music with Purcell´s profound “Here the Deities Approve.” This is a program meant for any time of the year, as we remember how we all live together in our “Garden Green.”


01. Playford - Chirping of the Nightingale / Chirping of the Lark
02. Byrd / Mell / Baltzar - John come kiss me now
03. Matteis - Va poco di manera Italiana / Aria Amorosa
04. Lanier - No more shall meads be deckt with flowers
05. Finger - Ciaccona
06. Playford - Glory of the West / The Goddesses
07. Lawes - Can beauty’s spring
08. de Gallot - Chaconne
09. Anonymous Now ye spring is come
10. Matteis - Ground after the Scotch Humour
11. Croft - Ground in C minor
12. Purcell - Sweeter than Roses
13. Walsh Greensleeves
14. Playford / Sweelinck - All in a Garden Green / Onder een linde groen
15. Playford - Stanes Morris / The Glory of the Sun
16. Morley - O Mistress Mine
17. Byrd - The Woods so Wild
18. Anonymous / Purcell - The Chestnut / Autumn
19. Matteis - Aria
20. Playford - Cold and Raw
21. Purcell - When a cruel long winter
22. Ravenscroft - Remember O Thou Man
23. Playford - Virgin Queen / An Italian Rant
24. Eccles - A Division on a Ground
25. Purcell - Here the Deities approve

Le Tendre Amour

Nina Akerblom-Nielsen - soprano
Adriana Alcaide - violin
Sébastien Perrin - traverso
Katy Elkin - oboe
Lixsania Fernández - viola da gamba
Krishnasol Jiménez - theorbo and guitar
Esteban Mazer - harpsichord

"What an enchanting promenade through a musical garden – full of colour – a splendid sound - lively and high-spirited dances – not to mention the tender rendition of gentle love songs. The result: an enchanting excursion to a baroque garden – glorious!"


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