01 May 2012

Festa Teatrale - Carnival in Venice & Florence

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Date CD: January 10, 2000 | Harmonia Mundi | 61:56

The concert begins and ends with versions, so similar as to be functionally identical, of 'Festa, riso, gioco, e gioia' by Giramo; a vibrant dance song from 1620. This sets the tone definitively with its first line "Party, Laughter, Fun and Happiness". This is indeed carnival time with its frolics, folly and fantasy with song and dance playing a major part.
However, after setting such a cheery agenda, the second song by Legrenzi is a mournful lament presented with much emotion by soprano Dorethee Mields. From hereon the program alternates between heartbreak and joy. The longest piece 'Mascherata della Malinconia & Allegrezza' by Vecchi is a prolonged debate between Melancholy and Joy; Joy wins, but Melancholy ends it with a request to learn of the 'delights of love'. (Amazon)


Pietro Antonio Giramo: Festa, riso, gioco, e gioia
Giovanni Legrenzi: Lumi, potete piangere
Claudio Monteverdi: Questi vaghi concenti
Francesco Lambardi: Canto d`Amore
Diego Ortiz: Recercada quinta sobre el passamezzo antiguo
Claudio Monteverdi: Vorrei baciarti, o Filli
Orazio Vecchi: Mascherata della Malinconia, & Allegrezza
Claudio Monteverdi: Damigella, tutta bella / O rosetta, che rosetta
Salamon Rossi: Sonata in dialogo detta La Viena
Claudio Monteverdi: A quest'olmo
Tarquino Merula: Chiacona
Orazio Vecchi: Sia maledetto Amore / Sia benedetto Amore
Giovanni Giacomo Gastoldi: L`innamorato / Il bell`humore / Amor vittorioso
Pietro Antonio Giramo: Festa, riso, gioco, e gioia

soprano, Dorothee Mields
altos, Bernhard Landauer and Jurgen Banholzer
tenor, Hans J. Mammel
bass, Ekkehard Abele

Balthasar-Neumann-Chor und Ensemble
Thomas Hengelbrock

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