19 May 2012

Handel - Ariodante [Leppard]

3 CD | EAC | APE+CUE, no LOG | Scans | 836 MB | TT 201'
Recorded: 1979 | Released: Jun. 2003 | Label: PHILIPS
Edith Mathis, David Rendall, James Bowman, Samuel Ramey
Norma Burrowes, Alexander Oliver, Janet Baker,
London Voices, English Chamber Orchestra, Raymond Leppard (conductor)

"In the colourful, urgent performance under Raymond Leppard the castrato role of Ariodante is a challenge for Dame Janet Baker, who responds with singing of enormous expressive range...Consistently resilient playing from the English Chamber Orchestra and refined, beautifully balanced analogue recording..." (The Penguin Guide)



1. Ouverture. Adagio -- Allegro
2. Ouverture. Alla gavotta
3. Act 1. Arioso. Vezzi, lusinghe, e brio rendano il volto...
4. Act 1. Recitativo. Ami dunque, o signora?...
5. Act 1. Aria. Orrida agli occhi miei quanto, signor, tu sei...
6. Act 1. Recitativo. Orgogliosa beltade!
7. Act 1. Aria. Apri le luci, e mira gli ascosi altrui martiri
8. Act 1. Recitativo. Mie speranze, che fate?
9. Act 1. Aria. Coperta la frode di lana servile
10. Act 1. Arioso. Qui d'amor, nel suo linguaggio parla il rio
11. Act 1. Recitativo. T'amerò dunque sempre, idolo mio
12. Act 1. Duetto. Prendi da questa mano il pegno di mia fé
13. Act 1. Aria. Volate, amori, di due bei cori la gioia...
14. Act 1. Recitativo. Vanne pronto, Odoardo, le pompe a preparar
15. Act 1. Aria. Voli colla sua tromba la fama in tutto il mondo
16. Act 1. Recitativo. Oh! felice mio core! Listen
17. Act 1. Recitativo. Conosco il merto tuo, caro Dalinda
18. Act 1. Aria. Spero per voi, sì, sì, begli occhi in questo dì
19. Act 1. Recitativo. Dalinda, in occidente già cade il sole
20. Act 1. Aria. Del mio sol vezzosi rai v'ascondere ora da me
21. Act 1. Recitativo. Ah! che quest'alma amante arde per altro foco
22. Act 1. Recitativo. Pare, ovunque m'aggiri, che incontri il gaudio...
23. Act 1. Sinfonia pastorale Listen
24. Act 1. Duetto. Se rinasce nel mio cor bella gioia, bella speme
25. Act 1. Ballo. Musette 1
26. Act 1. Ballo. Musette 2
27. Act 1. Ballo. Allegro
28. Act 1. Coro. Si godete al vostro amor


1. Act 2. Preludio (Notte con lume di luna)
2. Act 2. Recitativo. Di Dalinda l'amore quanto giunge opportuno...
3. Act 2. Aria. Tu preparati a morire, se menstire ti vedrò
4. Act 2. Recitativo. Ginevra? -- O mio signore!
5. Act 2. Aria. Tu vivi, e punito rimanga l'eccesso d'amore tradito
6. Act 2. Recitativo. E vivo ancora? E senza il ferro?
7. Act 2. Aria. Scherza infida in grembo al drudo
8. Act 2. Recitativo. (Lo stral ferì nel segno; disperato partì...)
9. Act 2. Aria. Se tanto piace al cor il volto tuo, signor
10. Act 2. Recitativo. Felice fu il mio inganno
11. Act 2. Aria. Invida sorte avara, misero in questo dì!
12. Act 2. Aria. Mi palpita il core, né intendo perché!
13. Act 2. Recitativo. Sta' Lieta, o principessa!...
14. Act 2. Aria. Il tuo sangue, ed il tuo zelo per la figlia
15. Act 2. Recitativo. Quante sventure un giorno sol ne porta!
16. Act 2. Recitativo accompagnato. A me impudica?
17. Act 2. Aria. Il mio crudel martoro crescer non può di più
18. Act 2. Ballo. Entrée des Songes agréables
19. Act 2. Ballo. Entrée des Songes funestes
20. Act 2. Ballo. Combat des Songes funestes et agréables
21. Act 2. Recitativo accompagnato. Che vidi? Oh Dei! Misera me!


1. Act 3. Arioso. Numi! Lasciarmi vivere, per darmi mille morti!
2. Act 3. Recitativo. Perfidi! io son tradita!
3. Act 3. Aria. Cieca notte, infidi sguardi, spoglie infauste
4. Act 3. Recitativo. Ingrato Polinesso!
5. Act 3. Recitativo. Sire, deh, non negare a figlia supplicante...
6. Act 3. Aria. Dover, giustizia, amor, m'accendono nel cor...
7. Act 3. Recitativo. Or venga a me la figlia... Ecco la figlia!...
8. Act 3. Aria. Io ti bacio, o mano augusta Listen
9. Act 3. Recitativo. Figlia, da dubbia sorte, pendi ancor...
10. Act 3. Al sen ti stringo, e parto
11. Act 3. Recitativo. Così mi lascia il padre?
12. Act 3. Aria. Si, morrò, ma l'onor mio meco, oh Dio! morir dovrà?
13. Act 3. Recitativo. Arrida il cielo alla giustizia...
14. Act 3. Aria. Dopo notte, atra e funesta, splende in ciel...
15. Act 3. Recitativo. Dalinda! ecco risorge col germano risorto...
16. Act 3. Duetto. Dite spera, e son contento
17. Act 3. Recitativo. Da dubbia infausta sorte, quanto pender degg'io
18. Act 3. Recitativo. Figlia, innocente figlia! Libertà
19. Act 3. Duetto. Bramo aver mille vite...
20. Act 3. Coro. Ognuno acclami bella virtute
21. Act 3. Ballo. Alla gavotta
22. Act 3. Ballo. Rondeau
23. Act 3. Coro. Sa trionfar ognor virtude in ogni cor

I'm beginning here to resurrect some of the works that "disappeared" from Avax or were "abandoned" from the original uploaders. There's not a real thought behind it, I'm just cleaning up my HDs and following the wind. What I downloaded long ago is flowing back. All credits go to the first uploader. Enjoy...


Toutatis said...

Dear Anonymous, maybe you have some problems reading numbers: usually Paracelsius posted months before the article from Caterina even appeared at rutracker. You have problems reading letters too, 'cause I wrote clearly that I'm posting here stuff that "disappeared" from Avax. So I'm not stealing anything: if somebody's been robbed maybe we're talking about Mr. Leppard...
May I suggest that you use some of your time to study a little English? Google translator make you seem dumber than you probably are.

Anonymous said...

Hello Toutatis. Link 2 does not seem to be complete: normally, it should be the same size as link 1... Whole file therefore does not unzip properly. Can you have a look into that ?

All the best to you for this coming year and many thanks for your efforts on behalf of the music lovers of the world !

Toutatis said...

Anonymous, I dl cd 2 and it works fine. It's not the same lenght as the other because, as almost always here, every cd is rarred individually. Its size is 279.18 MB. I tried Fileserve, but Filesonic appears of the same lenght and should be working too.

Anonymous said...

Indeed, I redownloaded the Link 2 file for the third time, and now it works perfectly. Must have been a temporary glitch, as sometimes happens with filesonic. Thank you for answering me and also for the care you lavish on your blog !

Anonymous said...

As a lover of Händel's vocal works and as a absolute fan of Janet Baker and James Bowman as well, I am very greatfull for your post.
Thank you very much.

robin said...

Sorry, the server hosting the file you are requesting is currently down for maintenance. Please check back soon.
This the message for Disc 3 on Handel's Ariodante.
Its been that way for a week.
Gof any suggestions?
Thanks in advance,

robin said...

Link 3 on Ariodante

Sorry, the server hosting the file you are requesting is currently down for maintenance. Please check back soon.Ariodante

It has been this way for a week at least.
Any help?

Toutatis said...

Sure, CD 3 uploaded again.

robin said...

Hello Toutatis,
it is now 2:00 pm EDT USA
and this is what I'm getting:

Your search - ff09d02 filefactory dlp 644i4htoja a1 Handel Ariodante RL3 - did not match any documents.

Sorry to bother you; I have the first two DL, but not this 3rd one.
Thanks for yuor help.

Toutatis said...

it works for me, but try another one: