30 May 2012

Bach - Trio Sonatas [Robert King]

EAC | APE+CUE, no LOG | Booklet | 335 MB | TT 69:58
Recorded: October 1995, St Paul's Church, New Southgate, London
Released: March 1996 | Label: HYPERION
The King's Consort, Robert King (conductor)

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'An impressive combination of enterprising arrangements with outstanding musicianship. On all counts this is an outstanding release' (Classic CD)
'Un véritable petit bijou' (Répertoire, France)
'A marvellous way of getting to know the ins and outs of six superb examples of Bach's contrapuntal craft' (Gramophone)
'As played by The King's Consort, these sonatas have a deliciously intimate and conversational quality that is very difficult to achieve at the organ ... Both playing and sound are stunning. If you love Bach's instrumental chamber music you must hear this disc. If you are an organist you may never think of these pieces in quite the same way again' (American Record Guide)


Trio Sonata in D minor, BWV527 arr. Robert King (b1960)
1 Movement 1: Andante [4'50]
2 Movement 2: Adagio e dolce [5'30]
3 Movement 3: Vivace [3'38]
Trio Sonata in G major, BWV530 arr. Robert King (b1960)
4 Movement 1: Vivace [3'34]
5 Movement 2: Lento [4'39]
6 Movement 3: Allegro [3'19]
Trio Sonata in E minor, BWV528 arr. Robert King (b1960)
7 Movement 1: Adagio – Vivace [2'54]
8 Movement 2: Andante [5'18]
9 Movement 3: Poco allegro [2'41]
Trio Sonata in C minor, BWV526 arr. Robert King (b1960)
10 Movement 1: Vivace [3'22]
11 Movement 2: Largo [3'01]
12 Movement 3: Allegro [3'25]
Trio Sonata in C major, BWV529 arr. Robert King (b1960)
13 Movement 1: Allegro [4'16]
14 Movement 2: Largo [5'32]
15 Movement 3: Allegro [3'08]
Trio Sonata in E flat major, BWV525 arr. Robert King (b1960)
16 Movement 1: [Allegro moderato] [2'29]
17 Movement 2: Adagio [4'59]
18 Movement 3: Allegro [3'23]

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I appreciate your work in bringing back the works that avaxhome stupidly lost with their ftp2share mess. Ever since Pasha13 joined their staff, avaxhome has turned into shit. He alienated and disrespected many old members that contributed excellent stuff who have since left. Pasha13 is truly a prize asshole. What ever happened to Bully? I loved him, he was an excellent moderator and was always very kind and respectful. On another subject, would it be possible to put up a requests section on your blog? There are many works I'm still looking for that have dissapeared from avaxhome and cannot find anywhere else. Best regards Toutatis.