28 May 2012

Handel - Neun Deutsche Arien [Sampson, King's Consort]

EAC | FLAC, no CUE, no LOG | Covers + Booklet PDF | 350 MB | TT 69:22
Recorded: October 2006, Menuhin Hall, Yehudi Menuhin School
Stoke d'Abernon, Cobham, Surrey, United Kingdom
Released: June 2007 | Label: HYPERION
Carolyn Sampson (soprano), Alexandra Bellamy (oboe)
The King's Consort

'With her pure, luminous tone, graceful sense of phrase and discerning musicality, Carolyn Sampson gives enchanting performances of music that is essentially about enchantment … 'Süsse Stille' is exquisitely shaped and savoured, with a rapt, confiding pianissimo at the da capo. Elsewhere Sampson perfectly catches the blissful langour of 'Künft'ger Zeiten eitler Kummer' and brings a smiling eagerness to 'Die ihr aus dunklen Grüften', enhancing the da capo with playful touches of ornamentation' (Gramophone)
'The nine German arias Handel composed … still rank among his best-kept secrets. Barthold Brockes's verses are a pantheistic celebration of God-in-Nature, and Handel responded with music of hedonistic enchantment, from the rapt, wondering Süsse Stille to the laughing ebullience of Das zitternde Glänzen. Always a lovely Handel soprano, Carolyn Sampson sings these arias with her trademark pellucid tone and refined phrasing. She spins a smooth, serene line in the more contemplative numbers, and dances blithely in an aria such as Süsser Blumen Ambraflocken, vying with violinist Stéphanie-Marie Degand in playful coloratura flourishes' (The Daily Telegraph)


1 Die ihr aus dunkeln Grüften, HWV208 [5'41]
2 In den angenehmen Büschen, HWV209 [3'30]
Oboe Sonata in F major, HWV363a
3 Movement 1: Adagio [1'40]
4 Movement 2: Allegro [1'54]
5 Movement 3: Adagio [2'13]
6 Movement 4: Bourrée anglaise [0'49]
7 Movement 5: Menuet [1'16]
8 Künft'ger Zeiten eitler Kummer, HWV202 [6'31]
9 Süße Stille, sanfte Quelle, HWV205 [5'34]
Oboe Sonata in B flat major, HWV357
10 Movement 1: Allegro [3'05]
11 Movement 2: Grave [1'37]
12 Movement 3: Allegro [2'15]
13 Singe, Seele, Gott zum Preise, HWV206 [4'15]
14 Süßer Blumen Ambraflocken, HWV204 [7'17]
15 Das zitternde Glänzen der spielenden Wellen, HWV203 [4'37]
Oboe Sonata in C minor, HWV366 Op 1 No 8
16 Movement 1: Largo [2'08]
17 Movement 2: Allegro [1'34]
18 Movement 3: Adagio [1'49]
19 Movement 4: Bourrée anglaise [0'48]
20 Flammende Rose, Zierde der Erden, HWV210 [5'20]
21 Meine Seele hört im Sehen, HWV207 [5'29]

I'm beginning here to resurrect some of the works that "disappeared" from Avax or were "abandoned" from the original uploaders. There's not a real thought behind it, I'm just cleaning up my HDs and following the wind. What I downloaded long ago is flowing back. All credits go to the first uploader. Enjoy...

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gracias una vez más, una variado repertorio de sonatas y canciones en aleman (poco conocidas) por buenos interpretes y excelente sonido....Gold