30 January 2013

Matthias Weckman: Abendmusiken

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2010 | Zig-Zag territoires

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For its first collaboration with Zig-Zag Territoires, the ensemble Les Cyclopes, which includes among others the promising young singers Eugénie Warnier, Damien Guillon, Robert Getchell and Benoît Arnould, presents a musical portrait of the composer Matthias Weckmann, who was born in Thuringia in 1616 and died in Hamburg in 1674.
This programme consisting of three cantatas, two sonatas, a harpsichord suite and the chorale ‘Komm, heiliger Geist’ played on the organ of St Ludger’s Church, Norden, aims to illustrate the different facets of his output, the fruit of his eclectic training and the atmosphere of intellectual ferment and philosophical openmindedness that reigned in seventeenth-century Hamburg.

Wie liegt die Stadt so wüste
Sonata a 4
Weine nicht
Komm, heiliger Geist, Hene Gott
Sonata a 4
Partita en Ré mineur pour clavecin
Wenn der Herr die Gefangnen zu Zion erloesen wird

Les Cyclopes


alex said...

many thanks Toutatis

mt said...

you work is much appreciated in sharing such wonderful, rare and neglected works. Sadly, with current server issues we must all suffer. Uploaded & turbobit are unavailable in US; cramit is deleted; filevelocity will take 4 days to download if it allows the connection for longer than 10 minutes. I suppose we just wait out the turmoil....

Anonymous said...

Here it is mirrored on a couple more user friendly sites:

Maybe some kind collector can do this for the Graupner "Kunst der Imitation?" There is NO ACCESS to any hosts in the US for this.

mt said...

wow, many thanks kind sir, and I posted links to graupner in that post (they seem to still be live).

Anonymous said...

Sadly, all the links are dead by now. As the hoster situation seems to have settled down somewhat, do we have a chance for a re-up? Weckman(n) is an interesting composer. Thank you very much!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful - thanks for the re-up!

zinest said...

Wonderful offering, warm thanks!

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