08 November 2012

Weckman & Froberger: Toccatas & Suites

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Date CD: March 17, 1998 | Sony | 64:02

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Both of these composers, who lived and worked in the mid 17th century in Germany, took Italian musical models and began to develop them into the forms that would culminate in the magnificent keyboard legacy of J.S. Bach. "Toccata" comes from the Italian verb meaning "to play an instrument," and also "to touch." In this musical context, it takes the form of a transcribed improvisation, such as a great performer would be expected to create when trying out a new instrument for the first time. A suite, on the other hand, is simply a collection of dance movements, sometimes preceded by an overture. Both of these musical forms, toccata and suite, persist to this day, but here you can discover them in all of their innocence and freshness, as something totally new in music. --David Hurwitz


Matthias Weckman - (ca. 1616 - 1674)
1. Suite In B Minor
2. Toccata In E Minor
3. Toccata In A Minor
4. Suite In D Minor
5. Suite In C Minor
6. Canzon In C Minor
7. Toccata In D Minor

Johann Jacob Froberger - (1616 - 1667)
8. Tombeau Sur la Mort de Monsieur Blancrocher
9. Suite In E MInor
10. Capriccio In C Minor
11. Ricercar In D Minor
12. (Suite)In A Major 

Gustav Leonhardt, Harpsichord

I'm resurrecting here some of the works that "disappeared" from Avax or were "abandoned" from the original uploaders. There's not a real project behind it, I'm just cleaning up my HDs and following the tide. What I downloaded long ago is flowing back. All credits go to the first uploader. Enjoy...

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