13 February 2013

Il Giardino Armonico

EAC Rip | FLAC, CUE, LOG | Scans | 11 CD , 3.43 GB
Classical | Label: Warner Classics | Catalog Number: 2564 63264-2

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What a treat for any lover of Baroque chamber music, to dip into this boxed set and pull out something to suit your fancy. For fans of Il Giardino Armonico's flamboyant flourishes and exuberant expressiveness, it's like having all your birthdays at once, being presented with this great Warner Classics 11 CD set. My own feeling is that this "free" approach to Baroque music is at its best when applied to the theatrical music of disc 8 or the seventeenth century Italian music on disc 1. The showmanship and playfulness is an absolute joy in many of those pieces. I'm less satisfied with the interpretations of Bach's Brandenburg Concertos, (on discs 10 and 11), which require a different approach, I feel. I like my Bach to be a little more measured and subtle, I suppose. It has no need of the Il Giardino Armonico treatment. On the whole, though, I do love this set and wouldn't be without it. (WAB)

Work listing:

CD1: Italian Music Of The Seventeenth Century
CD2: Neapolitan Chamber Music
CD3: Christmas Concertos
CD4: ANTONIO VIVALDI - Chamber Concertos
CD5: ANTONIO VIVALDI - Double And Triple Concertos 
CD6: ANTONIO VIVALDI - Concertos For Lute And Mandolin
CD7: ANTONIO VIVALDI - Concertos From Il Cimento Dell'armonia E Dell'inventione, Op. 8 
CD8: Theatrical Music And Music For The Theatre
CD9: Baroque Masterpieces
CD 10-11: JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH - Brandenburg Concertos

Monteverdi, Claudio : Il ritorno d'Ulisse in Patria
Castello, Dario : Ciaccona
Dantone, Ottavio : Improvisation for harpsichord (after Merula)
Castello, Dario : Sonata quarta, for 2 instruments & continuo no 4 in A minor
Spadi, Giovanni Battista : Ancor che col partire (after de Rore)
Onofri, Enrico : Improvisation for violin (after Spadi)
Castello, Dario : Sonate concertate in stil moderno Book 2
Riccio, Giovanni Battista : Sonata a 4
Pianca, Luca : Improvisation for archlute (after Riccio)
Marini, Biagio : Sonata sopra "La Monica", for chamber instruments & continuo
Uccellini, Marco : Sonate, arie et correnti, Op. 3
Rossi, Salomone : Sinfonia a 3
Fontana, Giovanni Battista : Sonata no 15 for 2 cornettos, dulcian, organ & continuo
Piccinini, Alessandro : Toccata
Uccellini, Marco : Sonata Decima Ottava (18) for 2 violins & continuo (from Op. 4)
Rossi, Salomone : Il quarto libro de varie sonate, sinfonie, gagliarde, brandi e corrente
Rognoni, Francesco : Variations on Palestrina's Vestiva i colli, for soprano viola da gamba & continuo
Rossi, Salomone : Gagliarda detta Zambalina a 4
Rossi, Salomone : Sinfonia grave a 5
Merula, Tarquinio : La Cattarina
Uccellini, Marco : Aria Sopra "La scatola degli aghi" (from Op. 4)
Cima, Giovanni Paolo : Sonata for recorder & continuo in G minor
Merula, Tarquinio : Ruggiero
Rossi, Salomone : Gagliarda detta Norsina a 5
Sarro, Domenico Natale : Chamber Concerto for recorder, 2 violins, viola & continuo in A minor
Scarlatti, Domenico : Sonata for Violin and Harpsichord in D minor, K 90/L 106
Durante, Francesco : Concerto no 2 in G minor
Scarlatti, Alessandro : Sonata in A minor
Mancini, Francesco : Sonata in D minor
Corelli, Arcangelo : Concerti grossi (12), Op. 6
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Violin in E major, RV 270 "Il Riposo-Per il Natale"
Torelli, Giuseppe : Concerto a 4 in forma di Pastorale per il Santissimo Natale, for 2 violins, cello & continuo in G mi
Vivaldi, Antonio : Sonata, Op. 13/4, RV 59
Antonacci, Pietro : Sinfonia Pastorale in G major for 2 violins & continuo
P, Johann Christoph (Petz) : Concerto Pastorale in F major for orchestra
Manfredini, Francesco : Concerti grossi (12), Op. 3
Vivaldi, Antonio : Chamber Concerto ("La tempesta di mare")
Vivaldi, Antonio : Chamber Concerto for Flute, 2 Violins and Bassoon in G minor, RV 104 "La notte"
Vivaldi, Antonio : Chamber Concerto for Lute and 2 Violins in D major, RV 93
Vivaldi, Antonio : Trio Sonata for 2 Violins and Basso Continuo in D minor, Op. 1 no 12/RV 63 "La Follia"
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Recorder in F major, RV 442
Vivaldi, Antonio : Chamber Concerto, for recorder, oboe, violin, bassoon & continuo in D major, RV 94
Vivaldi, Antonio : Chamber Concerto for Recorder and 2 Violins in A minor, RV 108
Vivaldi, Antonio : Chamber Concerto, for flute, oboe, violin, bassoon & continuo in G minor, RV 107
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for 2 Violins and 2 Cellos in D major, RV 564
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for 3 violins, strings & continuo in F major, RV 551
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for 2 Cellos in G minor, RV 531
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto per eco in lontana, for 4 violins, strings & continuo in A major, RV 552
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Violin and 2 Cellos in C major, RV 561
Vivaldi, Antonio : Double Concerto ("Il Proteo, o sia Il mondo al rovescio")
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto in C major, RV 558
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Viola d'Amore and Lute in D minor, RV 540
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Mandolin in C major, RV 425
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for 2 Mandolins in G major, RV 532
Vivaldi, Antonio : Trio Sonata for Violin, Lute and Basso Continuo in C major, RV 82
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Violin in E major, Op. 8 no 1/RV 269 "Primavera"
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Oboe in D minor, Op. 8 no 9/RV 454
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Violin, strings & continuo in G minor ("Il cimento" no 8), Op. 8/8, RV 332
Zelenka, Jan Dismas : Fanfares
Biber, Heinrich Ignaz : Battalia for Violin, Strings and Basso Continuo in D major
Biber, Heinrich Ignaz : Mystery Sonata
Anonymous : Tune for the Woodlark (from The Bird Fancyer's Delight, London 1717)
Biber, Heinrich Ignaz : Sonata violino solo (Representatio Avium), for violin & continuo in A major, C. 146
Onofri, Enrico : Ricarcare, for chamber ensemble
Biber, Heinrich Ignaz : Partia, for 2 viola d'amore & continuo no 7 in C minor (Harmonia Artificiosa-Ariosa no 7), C. 68
Locke, Matthew : Canons 4 in 2, canons (2) in 2 parts for 4 strings
Matthew Locke/ Robert Smi : The Tempest, 1674 (Shadwell) version, Incidental Music
Bach, Johann Sebastian : Orchestral Suite no 3 in D major, BWV 1068
Albinoni, Tomaso : Concerto for Oboe in D minor, Op. 9/2
Vivaldi, Antonio : Concerto for Piccolo in C major, RV 443
Albinoni, Tomaso : Adagio for Organ and Strings in G minor
Marcello, Alessandro : Concerto for Oboe in D minor
Telemann, Georg Philipp : Concerto for 2 flutes, strings & continuo
Pachelbel, Johann : Canon and Gigue for 3 Violins and Basso Continuo in D major
Traditional, English : Greensleeves, folk song
Purcell, Henry : Chaconne for Harpsichord in G minor, Z T680 "Timon of Athens"
Handel, George Frideric : Solomon
Albinoni, Tomaso : Concerto
Bach, J.S. : Brandenburg Concerto no 1 in F major, BWV 1046
Bach, .S. : Brandenburg Concerto no 2 in F major, BWV 1047
Bach, J.S. : Brandenburg Concerto no 3 in G major, BWV 1048
Bach, J.S. : Brandenburg Concerto no 4 in G major, BWV 1049
Bach, J.S. : Brandenburg Concerto no 5 in D major, BWV 1050
Bach, J.S. : Brandenburg Concerto no 6 in B flat major, BWV 1051

I'm resurrecting here some of the works that "disappeared" from Avax or were "abandoned" from the original uploaders. There's not a real project behind it, I'm just cleaning up my HDs and following the tide. What I downloaded long ago is flowing back. All credits go to the first uploader. Enjoy...


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