25 December 2012

La Monarcha (Spanish 17th century music)

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Date CD: November 09, 2012 | Brilliant | 55:54

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A new and innovative concept by Erik Bosgraaf and his friends: dance music from the Spanish territories in the 17th century, by famous and anonymous composers, constantly crossing the borders between the serious and the playful, between art music and light music. Listening to this wonderful program, played with such obvious fun, zest and drive, one feels that music has this eternal quality of uplifting one's soul, spirit and body, whether written 400 years ago or right at this moment. Erik Bosgraaf, Izhar Elias and Alessandro Pianu play on original instruments or copies thereof. Their earlier releases on Brilliant Classics have gained international praise for their originality and dedication, resulting in important prizes such as the Prize from the Borletti Buitoni Trust. This collection draws directly from the works of Italian and Spanish guitarists Girolamo Montesardo, Carlo Calvi, Gaspar Sanz, Santiago de Murcia and Francesco Corbetta, keyboard players Antonio de Cabezón, Bernardo Storace, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck and Pieter de Vois, and authors of solo and chamber music for a variety of other instruments, Andrea Falconieri, Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde and Jacob van Eyck. Emblem and ambassador of Spanish culture, it is the guitar that threads the story together, intrinsically intertwined with the Spanish fondness for variation sets on harmonic grounds. Spain's imperial history explains the wide geographical variety of composers, though even the Dutch Sweelinck seeks to bring local colour to his sober Low Countries aesthetic in his Pavana Hispanica. Elsewhere there are variations on the perennially popular La Follia , jolly Correntes and tarantellas, and more sinuous diferencias and intabulations of love-songs. They are all performed by a trio of young and talented musicians who bring great rhythmic vitality and a freshly imaginative approach to this inventive act of reconstruction. 


Andrea Falconieri ca. 1585–1656
1 Corriente dicha la Cuella
2 La Suave Melodia, y su corrente
3 Il Rosso, brando

Francesco Corbetta 1615–1681
4 Sinfonia a due

Santiago de Murcia 1673–1739
5 Tarantelas

Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde ca. 1605–ca. 1650
6 Canzon terza

Pieter de Vois ca. 1580–1654
7 Pavane de Spanje

Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck 1562–1621
8 Pavana hispanica

Andrea Falconieri
9 Corrente dicha l’Avellina
10 Il Spiritillo, brando
11 Alemana dicha Villega

Francesco Corbetta
12 Follie in

Andrea Falconieri
13 La Monarcha

Bernardo Storace fl. 1664
14 Follia

Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde
15 Corrente

Jacob van Eyck 1589–1657
16 Repicavan

Bartolomé de Selma y Salaverde
17 Canzon seconda

Antonio de Cabezón ca. 1510–1566
18 Diferencias sobre la pavana italiana

Gaspar Sanz 1640–1710
19 La Esfachata de Nápoles
20 La Cavalleria de Nápoles, con dos clarines

Andrea Falconieri

21 La Benedetta
22 La Prudenza, corrente
23 Corriente dicha la Mota, echa para D. Pedro dela Mota
24 Brando dicho el Melo 1' 16

Girolamo Montesardo fl. 1606–ca. 1620
Carlo Calvi fl. 1646
25 Pavaniglia


Erik Bosgraaf - recorders
Izhar Elias - baroque guitars
Alessandro Pianu - harpsichord & organ

I'm resurrecting here some of the works that "disappeared" from Avax or were "abandoned" from the original uploaders. There's not a real project behind it, I'm just cleaning up my HDs and following the tide. What I downloaded long ago is flowing back. All credits go to the first uploader. Enjoy...


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