27 December 2012

Hélène Grimaud: Chopin & Rachmaninov

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Date CD: March 8, 2005 | Deutsche Grammophon | 61:54

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Hélène Grimaud's releases on DG have each been built around a "concept." Here, it's death and transcendence. The philosophically bent can get Grimaud's explanation in the booklet notes, while the musical among us can just listen to a stimulating program of standard repertory freshened by one of today's outstanding younger pianists. In the Chopin Sonata, Grimaud's volatile first movement and delicately colorful finale provide the tone and resolution required by both composer and her own philosophical outlook. The latter, though, means a dry-eyed Funeral March shorn of any trace of sentimentality yet not lacking power, more a contemplation of mourning rather than the thing itself. The Rachmaninov Sonata is his 1931 revision with Grimaud's restoration of sections of the 1913 original. As in the Chopin, Grimaud's gorgeous tone and the clarity of her articulation help make this an outstanding performance. The program closes with a pair of Chopin's most affecting works, the Berceuse and the Barcarolle, both beautifully played. --Dan Davis


Chopin - Piano Sonata No.2 in B flat minor, Op.35
Rachmaninov - Piano Sonata No.2 in B flat minor, Op.36
Chopin - Berceuse in D flat, Op.57
Chopin - Barcarolle in F sharp, Op.60

I'm resurrecting here some of the works that "disappeared" from Avax or were "abandoned" from the original uploaders. There's not a real project behind it, I'm just cleaning up my HDs and following the tide. What I downloaded long ago is flowing back. All credits go to the first uploader. Enjoy...


Anonymous said...

Che vuol dire "scomparsi da Avax"?

Ciao e grazie per la musica proposta.


Toutatis said...

It means that when for some reason a moderator or a "fake"(*) user dislike or conflict with another user, the last can be banned and his blog and comments can be completely erased from Avax.
Then there are the broken links, sometimes they're restored... sometimes the posters cannot restore because they left Avax for good or were banned because one reason or the other.

*) User "Sowulo" is the same scoundrel which posted as "Arlegz" or "kasatkal" or God knows how many other nicks. He is a moderator too: as "kasatkal" this is why I called it "fake"

My detailed and documented post about it is here: