27 January 2012

Musique a la Cour de Kromeriz

EAC | FLAC, CUE, Log | Covers | 333 Mb
2008 Naive/Ambroisie
In the 17th century, the small town of Kromeriz experienced a brilliant yet tragic fate when the 30 Years' War resulted in countless sinister incidents, followed by the war-torn town's spectacular reconstruction, starting with the château, which hosted numerous talented musicians from Schmelzer, Vejvanosky and Fux to Weckmann and Theile. They produced a whole range of vibrant, varied compositions, brimming with joy and jubilation, which Les Sacqueboutiers perform magnificently on this recording.
Schmelzer: Balletto A Cavallo
Fux: Sonata À Quatro
Vejvanovsky: Sonata Tribus Quadrantibus
Weckmann: Sonata I A Quatro
Vejvanovsky: Sonata A Cinque
Vejvanovsky: Sonata Sancti Spiritus
Schmelzer: Sonata a tre in do maggiore
Schmelzer: Sonatta La Carolietta
Vejvanovsky: Sonata Venatoria
Schmelzer: Sonata A Tre in La Minore
Vejvanovsky: Sonata A Quatro in Sol Minore
Thiele: Sonata A Cinque
Les Sacqueboutiers


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