24 January 2012

Cavalli: Artemisia

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3 CD | Date CD: April 2011 | Glossa
CD 1
Although Cavalli has been known as a composer of Venetian seicento sacred music, it is his prolific contribution in the field of opera – where he became one of the leading figures involved in the development of commercial opera companies from the 1640s onwards – that has been receiving greater attention from artists in more recent times.
And it is with a dramma per musica in Artemisia from the mid 1650s, with its tale of love, deceit and honour and the upholding of the virtues of the Venetian Republic (all this richly captured by the expressive style of Cavalli), that Cavina has chosen to contribute to that fresh look at Cavalli’s music on this new recording from Glossa.
Francesco Cavalli
Venezia, 1657
Francesca Lombardi Mazzulli, Artemisia
Roberta Mameli, Artemia
Valentina Coladonato, Oronta
Maarten Engeltjes, Meraspe
Andrea Arrivabene, Alindo
Marina Bartoli, Ramiro
Silvia Frigato, Eurillo
Salvo Vitale, Indamoro
Alberto Allegrezza, Erisbe
Alessandro Giangrande, Niso
La Venexiana
Claudio Cavina


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