13 September 2012

Handel: 12 Solo Sonatas op.I

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Date CD: May 12, 2009 | Harmonia Mundi | 146:54

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With its varied scoring and its exploration of instrumental combinations sometimes reminiscent of the Brandenburg Concertos, this set of 12 sonatas has nothing of an opus 1 about it, whatever the title page says! On the contrary, it is the work of a mature Handel in full command of his compositional resources.


CD 1

Flute Sonata in E Minor, HWV 359, Op. 1, No. 1
Recorder Sonata in G Minor, HWV 360, Op. 1, No. 2
Violin Sonata in A Major, HWV 361, Op. 1, No. 3
Recorder Sonata in A Minor, HWV 362, Op. 1, No. 4
Flute Sonata in G Major, HWV 363b, Op. 1, No. 5
Oboe Sonata in G Minor, HWV 364a, Op. 1, No. 6
Recorder Sonata in C Major, HWV 365, Op. 1, No. 7
Oboe Sonata in C Minor, HWV 366, Op. 1, No. 8

CD 2

Flute Sonata in B Minor, HWV 367b, Op. 1, No. 9
Violin Sonata in G Minor, HWV 368, Op. 1, No. 10
Recorder Sonata in F Major, HWV 369, Op. 1, No. 11
Violin Sonata in F Major, HWV 370, Op. 1, No. 12
Violin Sonata in A Major, HWV 372, Op. 1, No. 10 'Roger'
Oboe Sonata in F Major 'Hautb: Solo del Sr. Hendel'
Violin Sonata in E Major, HWV 373, Op. 1, No. 12 'Roger'

Academy of Ancient Music

Richard Egarr, harpsichord
Pavlo Beznosiuk, violin
Rachel Brown, flute & recorder,
Frank de Bruine, oboe


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GANDALF said...

Me alegro de leerte de nuevo compañero. Espero que todo vaya bien

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